Heyyy I’m looking for blogs!

(UPDATED) Wanting more stuff on my dash! If you have something like this on your blog, like this post and I’ll check you out:

  • manga, anime gifs (…NSFW’s a plus)
  • glitter, pastel, kawaii
  • candy, sweets, desserts
  • everything japanese
  • cool aesthetics, like plants and baths
  • art aesthetics
  • videogames in form of Overwatch and fallout (sometimes pokemon too, Raichu is my fav)

and all the other things similar to what I post, I just can’t figure out the tags to those posts really. My blog is NSFW, but my content is mostly limited to nice butts and such. I’m not a fetish blog of any kind.

No need to have all the mentioned stuff in your blog. I want to see more active blogs on my dash! Thanks (´ ▽ ` )ノ