“We were young and we knew that the future belonged to us. The whole world laid before us. We just had to grab it. We were invincible. We should know better soon.”

Generation war: our mothers, our fathers (2013) dir. Philipp Kadelbach


We are pretty good at this

i just realised the tumblr web developers calls the little ask arrow “nipple”. yep thats right, you heard it here first ladies and gentleman

Ok did some research

So the dontjudgechallenge crap is suppose to be positive? ? Like those people are all lol I have fake acne and body hair and glasses ect and that makes ugly then BAM I lose those things amd now im pretty
Just no no stop it its rude and disgusting
Like if you’ve found confidence by useing makeup or getting contacts or your skin cleared up by its own than thats great for you
But saying that thats ugly and you are only pretty now thats those things are gone is disrespectful and ignorant and disgusting
Because some people arnt lucky enough to have clear skin or have too sensitive eyes for contacts
OR they accept that acne and double chins are a natural normal thing that should not be shamed for
Dont say ugh I used to be ugly no say I use to have acne I used to be chubbier