Karneval summaries

Surprise surprise I’m behind with my summaries, again. I’ve decided to stop doing them. My interest in Karneval is waning and @izaizalovesyou is very fast with her scanlations (thank you for your work!). There’s no need for a summary when there’s already a scanlation floating around, right? Anyway, just thought I’d let y’all know. 

So, to get your monthly Karneval fix: check out aoilukatsukiyama for raws (and sometimes serya-chan) and izaizalovesyou for scanlations.

Art By: Jazzy-A || Link:

Second background-less version of the Tsukitachi/Hirato as Todd/Copper from The Fox and the Hound my sister drew for me–just wanted to include the original on its own without my unnecessary additions from the previous post. WELLL except that top boarder part. Annnd. Yeah. Pretty self explanatory. lol that’s all I got.