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Hello! ^^ Could you write some scenario with Izaya Orihara, when he tries bdsm with his girlfriend/some poor girl he involved into his shit (as always)? It doesn't have to be nsfw since bdsm is not only sexual thing, but... yeah... pretty please? ^^"

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“___, will you come here please?” Izaya asked you while typing away on his laptop. You glanced at him a little irritated. He already demanded you to make dinner for him; what does he want now? 

“What is it?” You asked curiously as you came over to his side of the desk. He looked up and while he did not have his signature foxy smiles, the way his eyes looked at you immediately said up-to-no-good. 

“Reach into that bag for me to pull out the only object I have in there~” He said nodding towards a black brief case. 
You looked at him pointedly before slowly reaching over for the brief case. Inside, your hand touched something that felt like cold metal. Taking a hold of it, you looked at the object to see a pair of handcuffs in your hands.

“What the hell?” You eyed the cuffs suspiciously. “May I ask why you own these in the first place?” 
Stupid question, you knew since anything is possible when it came to the Orihara family.

“Give it to me~” 

You handed the pair to him and he swiftly and stealthily grabbed both of your wrists and locked the cuffs around them.

“W-what are you-”

“Shh…” he interrupted you and took your lips in his mouth all the while securing the handcuffs on your poor wrists. He pulled away and you looked down at your state disbelievingly.

“And why exactly are you doing this?” You demanded, embarrassed that he took advantage of you thoroughly.

“Just making sure you cannot run away from me~” He replied lightly with a wink.