mangacap: kuroko no basket

So 2014 was the year of:

Second seasons

Sport animes


Romance shit

(i’ll just include these two dorks in here)


And finally we get









Characters whose popularity surpassed Fujimaki-sensei’s expectation.
Hanamiya, Haizaki, & Takao
Even though I drew Hanamiya and Haizaki thinking; readers will hate them!, they ended up gaining unusual popularity. Takao’s popularity simply exceeds my expectation. As for Hanamiya and Takao, I think Fukuyama Jun and Suzuki Tatsuhisa who lend their voice for them played a big role in affecting their popularity. Even then, for Takao to be so popular that he threatens Kiseki no Sedai’s popularity is…(bitter laugh)


Takao The High Spec Kareshi, Beware, your fave could never, when will your fave, etc. Such a flawless little sassy being.

Takao Kazunari
(2nd most popular PG with 5828 votes)
“The King’s key stone that makes genius shines.”

176 cm/65 kg
November 21th (Scorpio)
Blood Type O
Motto: People who enjoy life is the winner
Favorite food: Kimchi
Hobby: Trading Card Game
Specialty: Backflip
Best subject: English Grammar
Committee: Health Committee/infirmary
Family: Father, mother, younger sister
Things he’s not good at: keeping quiet
Best play: No look pass
Type: Positive person
Way to spend free time: Shopping for trading card in Nakano Broadway
Reason starting basketball: started it by his own volition then he found it to be really interesting
Player he has his eyes on: Kuroko Tetsuya (Seirin)

There you go anon who requested Takao’s profile! I thought his is already up so I didn’t translate it tho I have this pic already. Ladies and gentlemen, lo and behold, the HSK! ◟ʕ´∀`ʔ◞◟ʕ´∀`ʔ ◞