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The Price of War, from Fairy Tail Chapter 521

So everyone might be freaking out about Gray and Zeref, but this scene right here? That was the one that hit me right in the chest. It’s something this world could use a reminder of right now, and I applaud Hiro for adding it into Fairy Tail.

Imagine if a bunch of people who did manga colorings did a mass collaboration to make a fully colored version of the Fairy Tail manga.


“We’ve fought for this guild many, many times. No matter how strong the enemy is… The wish to protect the ones important to us has always make us strong

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Fairy Tail 30 Day Challenge- Day 13: Least Favorite Arc


It’s not even that I didn’t like this arc. It had a good story, good characters and great fights and a wonderful conclusion. But it drug on forever and made the audience really care what happened to the Edolas characters to never speak of them ever again outside of the arc. The only permanent additions to the story in Earth Realm this arc ended up making was the return of Lisanna and bringing forth more Exceeds.

Also I miss Mystogan.