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DGM hiatuses and 224 ”why only 7 pages” explanation/Mangaka health issues

OK. I’m editing this post, as in my original, i was quite.. mad an enraged at the people who were like “omg what after 6 months we get 7 pages? is this a fucking joke?” all over the internet, and was a bit messy in my explanations. So i’m rewriting this post.

Let’s start from the beggining. When DGM came out in 2004, it got popular really fast, and got quite big. The story, as all of you know is amazing, original, pulls you in. It’s sales were great, thus making it into Shounen Jump. People even speculated that DGM had the chance to get up thee in popularity and success as Naruto, One Piece and Bleach, aka The Big 3, maybe becoming The Big 4, SJ were prepaing DGM to be the next manga to take up the place of either Naruto or Bleach, whichever ended first, as the biggest mangas. The anime was also doing great. But this story doesn’t have a happy ending.

At a point in time, no one knows when, but it was not long before the first hiatus in 2012, Hoshino, DGM mangaka, got her wrist injured. Some say it was heavily sprained or even broken. Thing is it was bad and since, her wrist never fully recovered. It was also on her drawing hand. After that, Hoshino always planned to make DGM darkner, more… for adults per say. That’s the turn she wanted to make in her story, as we have seen in her latest chapters. When have we seen the main character in such situations in a Shounen Jump manga? Never? This comes into the fact that shounen = kids/teenagers manga, seinen = adults manga, with gore, violence, dark themes. As DGM is now. SJ was agaisnt it. They wanted to make money off DGM like with Big 3. And we know what SJ did to Kubo and Kishimoto with their stories, it was almost not theirs anymore. SJ had a loot of control over it to get money out of it. But Hoshino, said no. She did not want it. Now DGM is with Jump SQ.

Then, DGM returned as an every 3 months manga, as she just could no longer handle weekly updates, not even monthly. So she decided to make it every 3 months, with chapters of ove 40 pages.

Note: Let’s not even talk about the fact that with all of this shit fest that she went through, her art style just evolved and it got so amazing and beautiful.

Then, success slowly started to return for the manga, thus getting DGM Hallow anime. She worked for Hallow. Weekly. Along with working for the new manga and working had on the plotline. Sadly, it took a tool again on her health. Getting the most recent hiatus.

Hoshino planned for 222 and 223 chapters to be combined, and getting a big chapter in 224. But that did not go as planned as her work on Hallow set her back. Also that Allen/Kanda poster, she was very sadden by it as she gave no approval on it *Hoshino had a private instagram, i was lucky to request her follow early on when she still accepted a few people on there*. She was not sadden particulary about the fact that it was Allen and KAnda potrayed as a ship, she never had a problem with us shipping her characters, she was mostly sadden by how Kanda was portraied there, and if you know Kanda, you can see it is out of character. It was a publicity stunt from the anime company for the fans. And Hoshino never trolls or uses ships and such to pull people in. She is very sincere.*

Now, the issue with only getting 7 pages for 224. She was planning for 224 to be, from what i have heared, a 60 page chapter. But it did not go as planned. She gave us this intro, pe say to let us know that she has not forgotten us, and that 225 with be the big one. With her health being the way it is, 40+ pages requiers time.

So i will NOT ACCEPT ANYONE SHITTING ON HER OR WHINING ABOUT HIATUSES. She could have so easily just dropped the manga all together, fo herself, but she love us, the fans, and the manga so much that she put us and the story before herself. So please, Hoshino is deserving of the highest respect and admiration ever.

This is my rant, hope you found it informative, and enjoyed it.


Ahh, I missed detailing my colorings~ Here’s a fluffy Gruvia coloring for all the Gruvia fans out there! ♥‿♥

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