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My Favourite Anime/Manga/Manhwa/Manhua Characters (Part I)

Enjoy, and give me more suggestions to add in the rest. Stay tuned for the top 10!

50. Sata Kyouya

Manga/Anime - Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji

So fucking hot. How. He is literally a fucking prince. His looks are legit good enough to kill. He’s just at the end of the list because of the way he treated Erika :/

49. Ronald Knox

Manga/Anime - Kuroshitsuji

Cutie pie. He is the mum that Grell needs, while William is the daddy (if you know what I mean). I need to see more of him in the manga.

P.S. His hair looks like a deteriorated version of Sangwoo’s hair.

48. Izuki Shun

Manga/Anime - Kuroko no Basuke

This man and his puns deserve more credit. Do you guys remember the time when Izuki made a guy in Rakuzan lose concentration by cracking a bad pun? Haha lol I love him

47. Kirishima Ayato

Manga/Anime - Tokyo Ghoul, Tokyo Ghoul :re

Our black rabbit. He is so hot, and his relationship with Hinami in the manga is so beautiful and platonic. I love him. He’s a bad brother, but I think that as the manga will transition, he will be nicer to Touka as well.

46. Hikaru and Kaoru Hiitachin

Manga/Anime - Ouran High School Host Club

I’d be the happiest person if these two were in my class. I love their sense of mischief and humour and how much they love Haruhi. They’re probably on the same rank for me because (a) I was never easily able to differentiate between them and (b) they’re twins lol

45. Kirishima Touka

Manga/Anime - Tokyo Ghoul, Tokyo Ghoul :re

Queen. I love that she takes a strong stand as per what she feels. She deserves more love and attention from Kaneki, but her role doesn’t need to be restricted to just that; I want her to play a bigger role in whatever the manga is turning out to be.

44. Midorima Shintarou

Manga/Anime - Kuroko no Basuke

This man and his lucky charms and his tsundere attitude will be the death of me. Also, is it just me or when he’s playing basketball, he looks really hot sometimes? Lol he’s awesome

43. Akashi Seijuro

Manga/Anime - Kuroko no Basuke

Okay, he is so daddy material. His personality is so dominating and strong, and his skills legit scared the shit out of me. The way he’s been drawn and animated, he looks fucking amazing.

42. Izumi Curtis

Manga/Anime -  Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

This woman is so much of goals. I love her! Her backstory makes my heart ache, and her husband and she make the best couple ever. Plus, she is so fucking badass. Did I mention I love her?

41. Coach Riko

Manga/Anime - Kuroko No Basuke

This little woman handles an entire basketball team better than any coach I have ever seen, either in a show or in real life. She tapped into everyone’s strengths and played the biggest role in their win. I love her lol

Stay tuned for the rest! I’ll post the rest soon :D


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