Manga/Manhwa Worth Reading (Ongoing)

I’ll upload a list every month! Stay tuned.

1. Killing Stalking (depictions of strong violence and harassment, warning). The only reason I’m reading this is to find out how the relationship between the main characters will turn out to be.

2. Kamisama Hajimemashita (the most important arc of the manga just finished)

3. Tokyo Ghoul :re (the clowns are here)

4. Saezuru Tori Wa Habatakanai (One of my favorite yaoi manga. Warning, not everyone’s cup of tea, even though it’s a masterpiece)

5. Shingeki no Kyojin

6. Moritat (Law and Jesse omg)

7. Never Understand/ Out of control (last chapter came out this morning. An interesting read)

8. Kuroshitsuji (another arc finished, right?)

9. Horimiya (slow updates, but worth it)

10. A Man Like You (oh, the angst)

zachariethememerie  asked:

Ever heard of Ouran High School Host Club?

haven’t heard of it | absolutely never watching | might watch | currently watching | dropped | hated it | meh | a positive okay | liked it | liked it a lot! | loved it | a favorite
don’t watch period | drop if not interested within 2-3 episodes | give it a go, could be your thing | 5 star recommendation

fav characters: I was always weak for the twins especially Hikaru. I definitely love Haruhi and god bless her dad

least fav characters:
 I don’t remember especially hating anyone :0

fav relationship:
 You can’t read the whole series without loving Haruhi and Tamaki (also lowkey still like Haruhi/Hikaru and Mori/Honey)

fav moment:
 The whole series goddamn –I’ve always liked the Haruhi and thunder moments like with Tamaki and with Hikaru. Also when Haruhi’s father fuckin destroys Tamaki

 That there will be another season //sobs

unpopular opinion: nah

how’d you find it: Too long ago to remember all I recall is the website I used went back and forth between the sub and dub so I kinda watched it in both lol

random thoughts: the anime has a better artstyle but the manga is worth reading for literally the rest of it cause rip only one season

anonymous asked:

What anime do you recommend :O everyone always says the same stuff but you seem like you'd have different opinions

  • precure (any and all seasons, start with either the curently airing or pick from suite, fresh, heartcatch or maybe princess but i didnt finish that), 
  • aikatsu (original if u want a warm feel good anime, stars if you want something slightly more plot heavy), 
  • mawaru penguindrum, my Favorite non-mg/idol anime
  • jewelpet, any season idk which is a good started tho bc i only seen twinkle and some of lady, some seasons are more magical girl like twinkle, kira deco has a sentai team lol
  • that one banana cat anime, 
  • gakuen handsome, 
  • utena but look over this triggers guide first,
  • angelic layer
  • princess tutu
  • pretear
  • saint tail

utena, pretear and angelic layer u gotta watch the anime and not the manga bc they all have really garbage manga for different reasons (angelic layers manga maybe isnt as bad as i remember but pretears is definitely garbage and utenas manga isnt worth reading unless you also like eating cardboard)

anonymous asked:

List of emotional BL anime?Just a few is fine >.< With pics if that's ok. I kinda liked your other suggestions so yeah o///o Thank youuuu~

Eek! Ok. Thank you for this question >:D I love going into details with stuff! YUSH ok here I go.

#1 on my list would have to be No.6. 

This is anime is only 11 episodes long and completely worth the watch. No.6 has unique characters and beautiful music. With an emotional opening that gives an airy feeling and a sense of freedom, it gives you a kind of feel for the series. It has few characters, each unique. 
Shion, the main character, is highly educated young boy who’s life changes when he meets and saves a VC criminal. A few years later some unexpected stuff happens which changes Shion’s world forever, and perhaps for the better. 

Both the Dubbed and the Subbed version a worth a watch. 
If you like Shakespeare,dogs, murder and drama with cute scenes then this is the anime for you!


#2 would be the Kono Danshi series. 3 episodes/OVA’s, each with different characters and different plots. The art style is beautiful and every ending is like someone let off feels fireworks/crackers in your heart.
Although I’m not sure of the particular order of the OVA, so I’ll list them in the order I watched them. 
1- Kono Danshi, Ningyo Hiroimashita. (This Boy, Caught a Merman)

This OVA is about a lonely boy, Shima, who’s just lost his relative. After nearly drowning, he’s saved by a merman. 

2- Kono Danshi, Sekika ni Nayandemasu. (This Boy, Suffers from Crystallization) 

About a boy who turns starts turning to crystal when he gets worried or emotional. His teacher/ school nurse (cant remember) loves the colors of his crystals and always helps the boy feel better about himself. 

3- Kono danshi, Uchuujin to Tatakaemasu. (This Boy,Can Fight Aliens).

A young boy is the only one who can fight the aliens, but he feels like everyone has forgotten about him. He never gets messages. He has his two friends with him, but he worries and frets that everyone else has forgotten about him, or never cared in the first place. 

100% worth a watch, all of them. 


#3 would, perhaps, be Monochrome Factor? 

With this series i am unsure of whether or not it classifies as BL or not. It certainly has the theme weaved in throughout the series. The plot is a little dodgy and leaves holes at the end, but overall it is an interesting series, with cute moments and beautifully designed characters. I would say to give it a try. I listed it as emotional from my perspective as I definitely cried and got emotional in this series, but others have told me they felt no such emotional with it; making me hesitant to add it to this list. 

Opening: Metamorphose

Episode count: 24


#4- I say is Sukisho. 

Definitely hit me in the feels at the ending, is worth the watch, and has many adorable moments. 

Opening: Just a Survivor 

Episode count: 13 (1 OVA)


#5 will be Loveless

This series is emotional and will leave you confused and wanting more, but, with lovely music and beautiful character designs it is well worth the watch. Also cat people! :D Though it is young teen x college boy, it’s still an amazing series. 

Opening: Tsuki no Curse

Episode count: 12


Out of these anime, Loveless and No.6 have even better manga that are worth the read, and are all very amazing. 


Well that concludes my personal list. 

If you want other anime I suggest Gravitation and Saint Beast. Well worth it. The Gravitation manga is the best of them.

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Hey, I'm new to the Sailor Moon fandom and I had a question. In both Crystal and the Manga I noticed that Venus's pen is different. Is there a reason for that? Thanks.

Well if you’re new to the fandom (welcome first of all! <3) let me explain you something.

Before Sailor Moon existed, Naoko Takeuchi was already busy with a magical girl manga called Codename Sailor V.

Yup, that’s our girl Sailor Venus, but she looks quite different doesn’t she?.

Well, this is because Codename Sailor V is the prequel story to Sailor Moon.

But, if Naoko didn’t even have Sailor Moon in mind, then how did this all happen?.

Well, it’s quite simple.

The Codename Sailor V manga was publised regularly in a japanese magazine and it became quite popular, it was then when Naoko was offered to turn this manga into an anime.

She agreed but she thought that there were a lot of things to be ‘polished’ (also, she was asked to expand the plot and include more characters) so she thought it would be a better idea to make another magical girl manga from scratch.

And that’s how Sailor Moon was created.

She kept lots of things from Codename Sailor V; like a cat sidekick, a blonde main character,a disguise pen, etc, and she even took some characters from it and brought them into the Sailor Moon universe (Artemis, Minako herself, Umino and even Ami (but she was a different character in CSV and Naoko only took her design).

So instead of ditching the Codename Sailor V story, Naoko made it a prequel to the Sailor Moon events.

That’s how we know Sailor Venus is the first one to awake as a senshi (Sailor V), so she’s the first one getting a transformation pen.

Artemis gave her this pen so that she could transform into Sailor V. It’s the same pen she later uses to transform into Sailor Venus (as you can see in Crystal).

This is why her transformation pen is different.

Later in the second arc, when all the senshi are given new transformation pens, they’re all the same (except for colour and planetary symbol).

If you love Sailor Moon, this manga is totally worth reading.

It’s kinda sad Codename Sailor V was never animated (there were some rumors back in the day about an OVA but it never happened), but at least we get to see a glimpse of her in Sailor Moon (both manga and anime).

And of course, we have Venus in Sailor Moon.

I always thought that Naoko gave Minako the leader role in Sailor Moon like some kind of homage since she was the main character of the manga that started it all (and thus if Naoko wouldn’t have made another magical girl manga from scratch, it would have been her show).

But let’s not be sad about it because if it hadn’t been for Codename Sailor V we would have never got Sailor Moon.

And Sailor Moon is amazing and we got Sailor V/Minako in it as well so everybody wins!.


When Naoko started with the Sailor Moon manga, she abruptly stopped with the Codename Sailor V manga. It wasn’t until the Sailor Moon manga was finished when Naoko decided to pick the manga again and finish it.

Because of it, we got these easter eggs (should I call it like that?).

Usagi and Naru briefly appears in the Codename Sailor V manga.

And so does Ami

And Rei

And Makoto


anonymous asked:



We have volleydorks and fun and friendships (and also tears. a lot of tears)

Personally, I’ve read the manga before the anime even came out, and since then I was HYPED to see all my favourite moments and scenes animated. (I literally mean ALL OF THEM). To be honest Haikyuu was probably one of those few mangas I’ve actually laughed out loud to. The humor in there is incredible, hehehe. Not to mention, what I REALLY FREAKING ADMIRE about it, that in spite of some other (and let’s face it it’s a LOT of them) sports animangas, Haikyuu treats girls like human beings and not weirdly sexualized objects either with huge breasts or talking pretty much about nothing but breast sizes (I mean that’s what girls do when they meet, right), and all that…I will smush your head in my chest and make you pay things, haha. I mean sports animangas are sometimes FULL of this stuff. 

And I feel like Haikyuu, manga especially, treats girls really really nice. (the anime did ended up futuring male gaze tho), but still.  (jhaha sorry for writing long about what you didn’t ask, but YES, in my opinion it’s TOTALLY WORTH READING!!)

It’s cute and funny and heartbreaking sometimes but it will make you happy.

Theeen, my favourite….ahh all of them, I love all of them. But if to choose… first while reading manga only I felt like it was Hinata. (and Kageyama and Tanaka), now seeing them animated I can’t help but fell in love with Kageyama more and more, so for faves I’ll just go with Hinata, Kageyama and Tanaka. (this guy. I relate a lot really)

Aaand the episodes come out on Sundays:)

Either way, you’re very welcome and I’m sorry for the long message I go out of control when it comes to Haikyuu D:

ondangohead  asked:

Can you pleaseeee tell me stuff about Mamoru and Usagi's relationship? I'm rewatching SM but I feel like there's a loooot more in the manga that I'm missing about those two. And, gosh, I do love those two! Like, is there more kissing? What do they mean by "their relationship is more mature/has more intimacy in the manga? Is there any excplicit scene or something?

Oh, this is a difficult question to answer, because to be thorough about this, I would practically have to detail out the whole manga!  One of the major differences between the first anime and the manga is that the first anime (after the first season, that is) cut way down on the importance of the relationship, so they largely didn’t GET much of a story.  While in the manga, they’re very much at the center of a lot of the story, this is a shoujo manga and they’re the main couple.

But it’s not just that they take up page time, but that they actually get a story.  One of my favorite parts for them is in the Infinity arc (which is basically equivalent to the Sailor Moon S third season arc), where Usagi sees Mamoru talking with Michiru, where Mamoru sees Haruka flirting with Usagi and almost kissing her, which causes both of them to become intensely jealous over the other.  And the point of the arc is that, these are pretty normal feelings and reactions, these are normal speedbumps in a relationship, and they talk it out and make up with each other.  The point was to show the relationship growing up and that’s something I keenly feel the loss of in the first anime!  (The first anime did many, many lovely things on other fronts, so I’m not trying to throw the baby out with the bathwater, but I still feel it failed hard on the majority of this relationship.)

Or in the Dream arc (basically equivalent to the SuperS/fourth season), Mamoru struggles with feeling like he can’t do much to support Usagi and this is something else that they talk about, they work through the issue, and reaffirm that they’re in this together, that they’re equals here, they support each other, that they’re both important, that they’re both better together with each other than they are apart.

The manga is never terribly explicit, but it’s very clear that, yes, they are having sex after a certain point.  For sure, in the fourth arc, Mamoru asks if she wants to stay over and the way it’s framed, it’s clear they’re going home to bang.  We see them naked in bed together (nothing explicit, just clear that they’re naked and have had sex recently) when Mamoru proposes to her and there is a whole lot of physical intimacy in those moments.

There’s a lot of kissing and it’s some pretty intense kissing at at that! It’s not a constant stream of kissing or anything, but you will get some gorgeous ones, the manga is not afraid to have them smoosh their faces together because they both really enjoy it.  The manga is absolutely worth reading, but all the more so if you’re invested in the Mamoru/Usagi relationship!  There’s a lot of stuff, even just little things, that make the relationship a central part of the story–like, with the ending of the first arc, when Usagi fights against Metallia, Mamoru is RIGHT THERE WITH HER, sending her support and lending some extra power (basically, the Sailor Moon R movie cribbed a lot of this for the fight against Fiore’s flower) and Mamoru’s powers are a little clearer.

This is still absolutely Usagi’s story, she’s the central character and she’s the one that the fights come down to, but Mamoru’s role in the story and their relationship was largely cut away in the first anime, so I would recommend picking up the manga, if you’re interested in it!  ♥

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is the manga worth reading? I read somewhere kaneki goes to lose his memory and becomes an investigator and tbh I wouldn't want to read that.

Don’t read it then lol

But seriously the manga is way better than that Swiss cheese of an anime. It goes into a lot more character development that Kaneki and Tsukiyama and a bunch of other characters really lacked in the anime, there is an important arc that was taken out of the anime, and altogether the anime can’t compare to the manga.

You’re thinking of the sequel, Tokyo Ghoul:re, which is where Kaneki becomes an investigator. If you want, you can just stop at the end of TG but then you’ll be left with a lot of questions that will be answered at one point in :re. Plus, it’s not as bad as it seems. Kaneki gets to experience both sides of the battle, from that of a ghoul and an investigator, which makes things a lot more interesting.

taurusofmay  asked:

I think that's what Oda does best, he shows two sides of every villain.

And that is what makes this manga so worth reading.  You get both sides because everyone is made up of both good and evil.  Oda doesn’t really show bias for a side and gives us the raw truth.  That’s why his characters have such depth.