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since some of you have been asking what methods/techniques I use for coloring… here’s a small tutorial.

this is my first real tutorial please be gentle with me




oh dear, this is terribly pixelated ugh
here’s the deviantart link


This is for the person who sent the fanmail asking how I’d ‘correct’ the old picture I did when I was 16 and still keep the style, and why one should learn anatomy although one’s style is nowhere near realistic and/or extremely simplistic.

As for the old picture, I lined down the anatomy in the original picture. You can see that the anatomy is horribly off. First of there is no reason for her to sit like that; so I changed the position. Her neck would break so long it is, and her torso is nearly non-existent. With a few changes you can see how I made the picture still look like the original style, without any horrible anatomical flaws. Sure, there’s still some, but at least you can look at it.

And why then do you need to know anatomy while when you don’t draw realisticly? You’ve heard it before; if you know how to draw anatomy, you’ll know how to twist it. Also, your art will appear much more natural and flowing. Nothing will look off when you know how to tweak things. You’ll know how to keep the balance. Be careful when following the style of animated cartoons. First of all; when things are animating, your eye doesn’t exactly have time focusing on what looks off. Second of all; they’re still artists. It doesn’t mean they can’t do things wrong. (*cough*off models) Thirdly, cartoons are usually ridiculously simplified because it IS animated. It’s just easier to animate things that doesn’t have much details, especially in older cartoons.

Then someone comes and says “but Powerpuff Girls is wrong, too, and no one complains!”
Frist of all, PPG do look off. They’re freaky. I even thought that as a kid… but. They still look well-balanced. Technically, their anatomy still works. Well, sort of. To a certain degree. Have you seen bad PPG-fanart? It’s possible; and it’s proof that even with such simplicity things can go wrong. And then there’s this thing; have you seen the other characters of the show? Thought about their anatomy and how they balance them? Yes, exactly! Also, again. It’s animated. And this goes for other cartoons as well, including anime.

So there yo go!

anonymous asked:

Do you think you could do a tutorial on how you draw faces?? If not it's totally fine!! Thank you and I really enjoy your art!!

Alright!! Thank you! I’ll do my best trying to explain it hhahah. 


I really recommend Sycra’s videos if you’re like me and have a hard time studying art.  In this tutorial I’ll just go through what my process is when drawing so please get to know the basics before doing this. I hope you’ll learn something new!

First of all, my “style” is very inconsistant. I keep trying new things all the time so no picture is the same lol. Here are a few recent sketches:

Even if my style is inconsistant, my process is usually pretty similar, so I’ll go through how I build the face up, and then how I actually paint it. 


Now, if I knew this would be a serious, rendered artwork I’d draw a proper lineart, but it takes way too much time for a simple drawing so I skipped it. If you’re a beginner you should start by doing guide lines for your face, it helps a lot with proportion!


Something to remember is that everything gets darker the farther away from the light source it gets. Sounds super basic but I forget this all the time. It’s easy to fix with just a gradiant on top of everyhting lol. 

Usually I draw the base of the skintone in a pale nude colour, and have the shadows in a darker, more red tone. Basically I do shadows in a darker, colder colour than the base color. Please check Sycra’s tutorial on coloring if you’re unsure, because things can get pretty complicated! 

I hope this helped some of you, or maybe inspired you to try something new out! Just remember that talent isn’t a big deal, it’s about hard work and enjoying what you’re doing along the way. (a-also learning the basics like anatomy and so on….. I should do that…..) Anyone can get good at drawing, you just have to keep at it! I believe in you! Just DO IT

How To Draw Manga Female Bodies

The female body is usually very delicate. Girls in anime stand a certain way to emphasize cuteness, with their feet facing slgihtly inwards.

Drawing Breasts

A slightly awkward subject, but yet one that must be explained as it apart of the female body. Breasts do come in different shapes and sizes. Unless you’re drawing something extremely perverted like, ridiculous large breasts which are unrealistic because the weight would break your character’s back. As an artist be aware of what is realistic and what is sexualized fantasy when drawing girls.

Drawing The Butt

This is also pandering to the sexunes sof the manga lady, but it is good to know how to draw the butt cheeks, when drawing a character from behind.

Be Aware of Loli Proportions

Often people copy anime girls, and they pick up bad loli proportions. Be aware that realistic young girls ddo not have sexy fetures. If that’s what you like to draw, then that’s fine. Just know breasts and hips don’t start to show till about age 13 when puberty sets in.

Basic HUD circles in After Effects

I’ll be showing how to make simple HUD (heads-up display) circles (aka futuristic circle things) in After Effects (and without using keyframes) like these:

This tutorial is designed for people with little experience with After Effects, so theres a lot of extra explanations

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