Deathless Excalibur.

Excalibur is one of my favorite frames of the game Warframe and was my first Frame.  This is what the frame would look like if it were to become possessed by one of my creatures known as a Deathless.  Hence the name Deathless Excalibur.   The blade next to the frame is produced from the Deathless that “bonded” with the frame as my Deathless can produce weapons from their bodies. 

I hope you enjoy!  


Step by step:

Step 1 : Storyboard for myself, can take 10sec to hours to draw it. Most of the time it takes 10min.
Step 2 : Storyboard for publisher about 20min.
Step 3: rough sketch

Step 4: sketch

step 5: Cleaning

step 6: colors. don’t have much step between cleaning and coloring as I’m trying to do everything with one stroke and it’s quite the mess to see.

dubbayucomics asked me: What brushes are those you’re using for this… that little dimpling texture?

The brush in question is actually a standard Manga Studio 5 Brush. It’s under decorations, and under the subgroup hatching and sand pattern. The brush is cauld Gauze Cloud and I’m pretty sure I’ve been using it entirely the wrong way. Up there’s just another sample I did. It’s really nice for looking like you did a whole lot of work in a short amount of time. Not so nice for sharp edgest though.


Finally, all the videos are uploaded for this illustration.

Better quaity in HD.

Hope you’ll like it.

The playlist of the full set is here :