Here’s an attempt to demonstrate how i color skin.  it’s quite basic, but hopefully it will help anon, and anyone else who’s curious!  for anyone who doesn’t know i use manga studio ex 5.  please click on each image for the caption!

some basic tips:

1. don’t shade with grey or black.  it looks awful.  i go for purple/blue-ish hues for shadows.

2, vary your hues.  if you stay in the same part of the color wheel things look very flat and lifeless.  there are a million tutorials out there for this that show/explain it better than i ever could.  i don’t have any examples to link but they’re easy to find.

that’s sort of it, i hope this was helpful.  i’m crap at explaining things.  a new computer is on my list of things to get when i move, so hopefully i’ll be able to record speed paints and stream - seeing things live is better imo.


Finally, all the videos are uploaded for this illustration.

Better quaity in HD.

Hope you’ll like it.

The playlist of the full set is here :


So I’m going to star hosting episodes for Space Drops on this blog now instead of my personal one!  Three months later, I’m releasing content for this fanime again!
Truth be told, the stress of keeping up with this weekly deadline had a negative effect on my health, so I needed to step back for a bit and return to it after I recuperated, all the while trying not to hate it because of the anxiety trying to turn out episodes at such a fast clip lol. This time I’m gonna learn from mistakes and approach the creation of this fanime in a more productive way, even if the challenge has already come and gone!

Recently I’ve been getting nice comments from people saying that they enjoyed the story, so it’s got me really motivated to script and complete the rest of the episodes! The first step in that direction is to upload a full version of episode 1! It’s almost exactly the same as the original, as I didn’t feel good about fixing some of the previous mistakes (although some new mistakes were made when I tried to update some text ‘orz)

Stay tuned for episode 2!


                           Happy Birthday, Wiishu / Signe! 🎂


You’re one of the chillest youtubers I know and I really hope that someday, I do get to meet you & we have a chill time over some tea…or coffee, whichever.

I also hope you had an amazing celebration & surrounded yourself with the people that you love. ♥

We’re all excited for more of your content, what ever it may be.

But i mostly hope I’m not too late & you see this lolol


All the softwares I tried for editing were too complicated just lost patience.

Manga Studio 5/Clip Studio Paint Brush Guide

Okay, so I’ve had Manga Studio 5 (EX specifically) for almost a year now. I just loaded it up onto my new computer and so I thought I would play with some of the brushes since it had been a month or two since I used the program. And I decided that I would post the results here. 

Just a warning, this is going to be a pretty long post. (Hence the Read More)

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やった!!!! - ハイキュウー!! Haikyuu! - Kagehinayachi

-* The Victors! *- (art by K-Lionheart)

Done in Manga Studio EX 5 (this program is the best omg)

Commissions slots open!

anonymous asked:

I presume you've already been asked this but I'd really like to know what brushes and program you use. Tips for anyone struggling with digital artwork (such as myself) would also be great if you have any! //If I missed an FAQ page or something and you've already addressed this, I'm really sorry!!

Hey anon! No need to be sorry!

I use Manga Studio 5 ex which I presume not a lot of people use compared to sai and photoshop so sorry if the brushes don’t match up ^^;;

These are the brushes I use at a daily base and they’re all from Manga Studio 5 ex that I twicked a little bit. I use the oil paint flat brush 2 for sketch, line art, and base color, oil paint flat brush 3 for blending, soft colors, light and shadows, and lighter ink from the india ink brush category for simple backgrounds and misc. 

As for tips, I personally look up various artists that I admire and observe their artwork. Tuning into livestreams and asking for advice personally is a really good way as well. Overall, practicing and observing I would say is the best way to improve. 

I hope this helps and I wish you good luck!

anonymous asked:

I hope you don't mind me asking, what canvas size and resolution do you usually use for your lines to look so crisp once zoomed out?

I don’t mind at all! :D My canvas is always set to 11′‘ x 8.5′‘ at 720dpi, but I draw with the canvas zoomed out to 12.5%. That means that although the canvas is huge, I’m drawing at the size that the drawing will be when it’s finished–so, technically, I don’t actually zoom in while I work! And if it helps, my brush size is usually 8 or 10 pixels, and I use Manga Studio EX 5!

I hope this helps!