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all books are good books.  you are not a “lesser reader” if you only read manga or comic books or a “better reader” for reading academic heavy texts.

reading is reading no matter what it is, be it a graphic novel, a romance, a classic, an audiobook, a picture book, a cookbook, fanfiction, fucking whatever, read what makes you happy

reading is supposed to be fun and don’t let elitism sap any joy out of it

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learning japanese using tae kim’s guide! apparently my friend managed to get her japanese to N5 level just by a few years of watching anime and no formal lessons?? i think that’s amazing - i’ve been watching anime for a year (i used to just read manga) and i’ve only been able to pick up basic phrases from it…

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I seriously love Yana Toboso (Part 2)


You see this picture right here?

Yana Toboso drew that in 2008.


Nine years ago.

And now we have the latest chapter, Chapter 131, come and give us this:

This woman waited nine years to reveal the burned image. Probably right before the first season began. 



Not only that, she also went back and drew almost all of the twin Ciel hints from the manga – confirming that yes, there was always two Ciel’s. 

I don’t know how many posts I need to make to express how dedicated Yana truly is. You can tell she loves this series. She held onto a big secret all this time. There’s a reason why Yana Toboso’s my favorite manga author. Not only does she have amazing art talent and great storytelling, but she is one of the most dedicated women working in the manga industry today. There’s always been two Ciel’s, and the fact that she drew all these images nearly a decade ago and patiently waited to reveal the truth shows her incredible patience and storytelling. More people need to talk about her and her great patience and masterful way of fooling with our minds. Whether you like the Twin Ciel twist or not, her patience, twin hints, and dedication needs to be honored. 


Thanks for the japanese magazine called Illustration, for which I’ve done cover, calendar and big article with interview, I’ve got a chance to meet and talk with my favourite mangaka ever, Kei Toume, the creator of “Sing Yesterday for Me”. ✨

This moment was so big I still couldn’t believe it, because her manga had changed my life. I were studying at architecture college back in Russia, but I always felt that this is not actually what I wanted to do, and it were killing me slowly.
At this time I discovered Kei Toume’s works, and thanks to them I got out of the depression and realized what I really wanted to do. I want to create stories, inspire and empower people. Manga, anime, games were only my hobbies at that time, and I only dreamed about creating something like those titles that were giving me hopes and happiness, and I never thought that I can actually be a part of the world I loved so much.

Thanks to “Sing Yesterday for Me” I decided to not abandon my dreams and work harder for what I want to achieve, which led me to where I am now - live in Japan, work on the projects I never even dreamed to work on, and be the happiest version of myself that could ever be.
Now I’ve met with the creator who’ve done so much for me without even knowing it, and there is not enough words to express my gratitude. 🌟

The photo is the joint sketch board we’re done with Kei Toume for the magazine, and I got really lucky to actually own it in the end. This one will took a place on the wall at my workplace to always remind me that dreams are actually comes true.

Please don’t give up on your dreams!

so, i’m not one of those people who really cares about their ship becoming canon. however i do think that mic and aizawa are really cute in canon, just because they’re portrayed as being so close.

i mean:

  • mic and aizawa were in the same high school class at UA.
  • not only that, mic gave aizawa his hero name. a hero name which aizawa has kept for 15 years.
  • for that matter, mic and aizawa are now 30 years old, which means that they’ve known each other for as long as they haven’t known each other (longer as the series goes on).
  • according to the illegals spin off, mic and aizawa still kept in contact after graduating high school and before becoming teachers.
  • also according to illegals, if anyone wants to know what’s up with mic, they ask aizawa.
  • additionally, in the main manga, mic is the only person aizawa speaks casually with, other than the kids. he uses a formal speech style with all the other teachers and fellow pro-heroes.
  • (actually, he might use casual speech with joke too, but i can’t find the raws for those chapters, so i’m not sure.)
  • however, in the smash spin off, mic is the only person shown to be on a first name basis with aizawa. although mic commonly refers to aizawa as “eraser” in the manga, his phone contacts list aizawa as “shōta-kun.”
  • (tho it’s kind of cute that mic usually refers to aizawa with the hero name that he gave aizawa in high school.)
  • also just. the sports festival arc. there’s really not much of a reason why mic would need aizawa to commentate with him, especially since aizawa’s not big on publicity, so apparently mic just wanted him around. 
  • mic even stole aizawa away from his assigned seat in the teachers’ section of the stadium (at least as shown in the anime).
  • then there’s the drama CD.
  • in the drama CD, mic and aizawa go out for drinks together. which doesn’t seem to be something out of the ordinary for them.
  • but then, mic reveals that he’s invited all might along too. aizawa… is not pleased. in fact, he tries to leave, but mic gets him to stay and help celebrate all might’s birthday.
  • yep, aizawa wants to have a night out with just mic. talking about teaching or whatever.
  • and lastly, in the main manga, mic and aizawa’s desks are shown to be next to each other in the staff room. just how much time do these two spend together?

in summary, mic and aizawa are very cute and close in canon. thank you for your time.

Comic Book Page Technical Specifications

This is a post for comic book artists preparing their pages for their publisher or colourist. I’m aware that many pros still don’t know some of this stuff, often because the bigger publishers have production teams who will take the incorrectly sized or shaped pages and adjust them before passing on to colourists or for print. However, this a) is giving more work to people that you can easily do yourself and b) reduces the amount of control you have over how your work is printed. It makes sense to provide files that will present your work in the best way possible.

So, the basics of a digital page file:

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FMA Manga/Brotherhood Ed: Not only will I never make a Philosopher’s Stone, I will never use one that’s already been made, even though the damage is done and can never be reversed.

I’m so disgusted by the idea of it that I would rather be eaten by Envy than attack what’s left the people of Xerxes who all but died hundreds of years ago. When I do use some of those souls to escape starving to death in a river of blood, I’m going to be wracked with guilt about it, even though it was literally the only way for me to save my friend Ling and for me to return to my brother.  

And will I use the remaining life force of a man I hate, who’s already been alive for way to long, who won’t be alive much longer, and who is offering his life up voluntarily to save the person in this world who I care about the most? Of course not! What a ridiculous idea! That would be wrong.

FMA 2003 Ed: In the end, I won’t end up murdering a whole room full of people to make a Philosopher’s Stone and save Alphonse…

..but I’m going to seriously consider it.

Fairy Tail 545 Analysis

I disagree with most of the posts I’ve been seeing about the nalu interaction at the end of this final chapter. That is, I don’t think it was Lucy that “wasn’t ready” like a lot of people have been saying. I know the “blushing virgin” trope (quote a la @not-just-any-fangirl) is a popular one, and I don’t want to get into that because it’s not my cup of tea,but my point is that I don’t think Lucy wasn’t ready. 

I think it was Natsu that was scared.

In my opinion, this doesn’t seem like a “wait, I’m not ready for this” it seems more like a “wait, is this really happening?” Natsu and Lucy have been through… a lot, as we all know, and at this point I don’t really see Lucy being afraid of anything that has to do with Natsu (except maybe him leaving again, which we never got a discussion about, thanks Mashima). The close up on Lucy’s face is clearly more comedic and surprised, rather than nervous

Now, we know that Natsu isn’t good with confrontation, at least, not when it comes to Lucy. Natsu is a lot of things, but he’s kind of a coward when it comes to talking about his emotions or having any kind of a conversation that could reveal what he’s actually feeling. Mashima has been very clear about that in the past.

In chapter 416 Natsu left without saying goodbye to Lucy (this is also a wonderful parallel to the Phantom Lord arc, but that’s not what this is about). Natsu, as we’ve seen, doesn’t like seeing Lucy upset, especially not because of him. 

419. Lucy mentions the fact that he left for a year and Natsu clams up.

424. Again, Natsu kind of… lowkey freaks out/shuts down about being confronted.

Natsu has never dealt with change well. At least, it doesn’t seem that way. He can’t handle any type of confrontation that could potentially dig up emotions he’s buried. He doesn’t like it and often opts to joke his way out of situations because he gets scared. It’s his natural fight or flight reflex coming into play. Natsu is almost always “fight”, but when it comes to Lucy and whether or not he’s “in love” with her, he seems to go for flight.

In the manga, Natsu is only 19/20. He hasn’t matured enough to deal with what he’s feeling, but he knows he wants to stay by Lucy’s side forever, even if he does need some extra time to figure it out.

TL/DR: Lucy isn’t the one that got nervous about Natsu trying to kiss her, Natsu is just a big coward when it comes to emotions and needs a little extra time to figure it out.

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Hi :) I only recently watched Haikyuu (and Oikawa and Iwaizumi are my favorite characters, naturally), but I was wondering if you could explain Iwaizumi's interest in Godzilla? I think it's really cute and charming—is it a headcanon of the fandom? Thanks so much ^^ Love your art!

Ohh nice!! Welcome to Haikyuu!! and the fandom!! I hope you enjoy it!!
Oikawa and Iwaizumi are great, aren’t they?? WAHAHA I LOVE THEM :D

Ahh yes, Iwaizumi and Godzilla!! A wonderful pair! And this one is actual canon and not just fandom made :D

We know from the manga that Iwaizumi not only has a Godzilla keychain on his bag but also a patch

Also his phone case shows us that he likes Godzilla!

If I remember correctly this is from an official haikyuu calendar…?
And we also see his phone case again in “let’s haikyuu”

The story behind this is that he finds out that Hinata and Kageyama got to Datekou and find a monster there. So he really wants to see this Monster/Godzilla like beast.
Following this we have the Jump Movie Poster of Kageyama riding a giant Hinata into battle against a giant, Godzilla like, Monster.

And then we have another little sketch of Iwaizumi desperately wanting to switch with Kageyama so he can face the monster too.

Kageyama: ‘Sup Iwaizumi-san

Iwaizumi: *fidgety fidgety* Kageyama, next up, switch with me…!

Kageyama: ‘Kay

Hinata: Owowowowow!! Get off!! Kageyama get off!!


This is all from official art! So it’s pretty canon that Iwaizumi loves Godzilla and other Monsters that are similar to Godzilla and gets excited over them!!!
Isn’t he a beautiful dork!!!?!?!?

10 reasons why you should stan Pentagon

1-Have you fucken heard their voices?

If heaven…or honey… or maybe even a sunset could have voices, I’m 101% sure it would sound exactly like Pentagon’s voices. I’m aware that if they are k-pop idols, they must have nice voices. But in the case of Pentagon… It’s as if God’s took the voices of a thousand angels and transferred those into Pentagon’s members throat. Am I exaggerating?  11/10 universe will agree.

Here’s a compilation of my favorites solos and voices of pentagon!

Hui & Jinho :

2- Genius composers

Ok let’s be real. Every single one of their songs are bops, and some of them were written by Pentagon’s members. Hui, E’dawn and Wooseok are writers and composers that put their hearts and soul into their songs and it makes them even more touching. In their new EP (Ceremony), the song “To Universe” was written by Hui, E’dawn, Wooseok and Yuto. It makes it so genuinely pure-hearted that Pentagon are the one that wrote this special song to their Universe.

One of my personal favorite is “Thank you”. You know, those songs that you hear for the first time and you just cry? Or the songs that you share with all your friends because it is just, so beautifully executed. “Thank you” is one of them.

Can we also talk about this magnificent poem from Yan An, it’s truly wonderful. A work of art. Wisdom in its purest form. Enjoy.

“Hey, my love Julie.
I’d like you even if you were bald,
Even a crew cut is fine,
I’d like you even if you were sweet like sugar,
It’s fine if you are salty like salt,
In the end,
You’re still my girl,
Pentagon member,
Yanan’s girl.”

Thank you:
To universe:



. I don’t know how I can explain how I felt when he launched this sex-bomb at me… Should I make a meme?

Me when I get a F in class : “idc”
Me when I have to walk and its raining af : “couldn’t care less tbh”
Me when there a nuclear bomb exploding next to me: “boring”

I can’t find the gif so here is the link to that grinding hoe’s performance:

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What sorcery is this? how can a cute boy like him grind this vigorously?

4- The relationship between Hui and E’dawn

*I ain’t shipping anyone*

Hui and E’dawn have always been best friends and their relationship is definitely goals! I’m not lying, E’dawn even got Hui a friendship ring during pentagon maker. (The fact that it was saying “I love Dawn” made me choke on my coffee tbh). The chemistry can easily be sensed from thousand miles away. And that time when Hui had to choose between two groups, one with E’dawn as leader and one with Jinho as leader. He looked so torn apart by the decision! He still took part in E’dawn team (obviously).

Their time in Triple H surely made their bond stronger! They had loooooooooots of fluffy times together in the making of the “365 so fresh” MV!

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5- They had the very first survival show that didn’t trigger me and made me want to throw myself from the 6th floor

Produce 101 who? No mercy who? MIX&MATCH WHO??? Never heard of those. My only religion is Pentagon Maker. Seriously though… *SPOILER ALERT* They started with 10 members “fighting” to earn their places in Pentagon and can debut and ALL 10 OF THEM WERE ABLE TO DEBUT! How super cool is that? The only thing I did watching this show is laugh, laugh and laugh again( and cry a bit lol)! I didn’t have to worry about Idol having their dream crushed in million pieces #fuckmnetamIright.

6- They have the prettiest and most genuine smiles.

Is there a need to add anything else? Oh yeah! I need to add a signature at the end of my certificate of death.

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7- E’dawn in general, I just can’t get over him.

He. Is. Jus. So. Fucking. Weird.

Don’t sue me, he is the cute/hilarious/perfect kind of weird but like… sometimes you sincerely wish you could see what’s going on inside his head. Because from the outside, he looks like a huge mess.

Scared Dawn:
E’Dawn: “I’m not scared of anything” 

*2 secs later*

E’dawn: AHHHHHHHHHH * Makes ultrasounds*

Here is different side of E’dawn:

Cute Dawn:

don’t mess with E’dawn:

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Weird E’dawn:

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E’down/ E’dead inside/ E’Done:

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8- Jinho is a level 1000 stealth master

They don’t call him “small hyung” for no reason! He is so small that during performences when he is in the back, we can barely see him. Even cameramen can’t seem to get accustomed to his stealth technics. Still, I’m probably 102% sure he doesn’t appreciate being call small and cute all the time since he is still a hyung. Since he probably won’t see this… He is so cuuuute!

can you see him? me neither. (He is behind Hui I think idk either)

9- Scaredy cats

Yuto is scared of the dark.

Shinwoon is afraid of animals.

E’dawn is scared of water (He can’t swim).

Here is a scared Shinwoon for you.

This gif in slowmo makes the dog look so much more scary even tho it looks so fluffy oh lord it’s really funny.

10- Yuto came straight out of a manga

- Japanese

- Played baseball for 6 years

- Unimaginably handsome

- Deep voice

- Tall

- More cool than cute (He says he can’t do aegyo)

If a mangaka release a manga based on Yuto, I swear I’ll sell everything in my possession to buy the entirety of mangas.

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***I’m not only saying this because he is Japanese***

Bonus: Jinho and Wooseok height difference

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tbh mp100 is the only anime/manga thats ever really done the “boy gets flustered over cute girl” trope right bc in series like…. bnha for example, where deku constantly gets flustered over uraraka, it doesnt add anything to his character at all, meanwhile so much happens in the story bc mob wants to actually pursue his feelings instead of just going “oh hey shes pretty cute”, like he joins the body improvement club which causes him to meet teru and all that and everything spirals from there… it actually affects the plot & is important meanwhile in a vast majority of series its just…..unnecessary, or forced. and while you could probably argue mobs feelings are forced to a degree (i really dont see them as such), an aspect of mp100 is how adolescence can warp your priorities. it actually goes into its themes & builds off them. its not just some kind of fan service, its affects a large portion if not all of the story- and of course, mobs feelings actually come off as genuine, while in many other series the moments are just small things that happen every now and then for no real reason story wise or character building wise.

in other words, mp100 continues to be the best at everything,