Manga: Suki desu Suzuki-kun!! Why say goodbye! 😣 ( #sukidesusuzukikun ) From Shoujo’s World This time our hero is a…basketball player?! Main character Hoshino Sayaka is a very shy girl yet she more than others, know what the feelings of love feels like… The characters: ~Suzuki Hikaru, a short guy from a normal family whose hobby is basketball. ~Itou Chihiro, a cute girl who is the best friend and childhood friend of Hikaru, is secretly in love with him. ~Suzuki Shinobu, a short guy, but super popular from a rich family who first hated Chihiro, but unexpectedly fell in love with the tomboy girl the moment he saw her looking at Hikaru and Sayaka together. ~And lastly Hoshino Sayaka, who apparently seems to be a quiet girl but hides the talent of a genius with whom Hikaru falls in love with. That will be the fated encounter of the future genius actress Hoshino Sayaka and the basketball player Suzuki Hikaru. A complicated square unrequited love relationship is about to start: Hoshino Sayaka <=> Suzuki Hikaru<= Itou Chihiro <= Suzuki Shinobu #mangakiss#mangalove#mangaboy#mangagirl#mangacouples#mangalove#manga#Shoujo#kawaii#senpai#anime

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Tokiwasou Apartment is to be rebuilt in 2020 (2016)

the origin of manga, Tokiwasou Apartment used to be a famous atelier of the young manga artists in the postwar days was levelled because of aging in 1982.

Toshima Ward announced the restoration plan they will rebuild the building on near the original spot in Toshima.
it is schedule to be completed in 2020 March.

legendary Osamu Tezuka, Fujio Akatsuka, Shotarou Ishinomori, Fujiko Fujio and the other five artists used live there together.
Jiro Tsunoda and the other future important artists in manga/anime industry spent almost all their time at the apartment.

Tobay, there is a monument at the site of Tokiwasou.