My entry to Tokyopop/Disney’s Nightmare Before Christmas fanart contest! I was working on a wonky tablet and did this the night before the due date so it isn’t my best work, but I’m still fairly happy with the end result! 

I was selected as a finalist in the contest, so if you like my work, please cast your vote for my piece on their site! Unfortunately I was not able to enter with my pseudonum, so it was entered under my legal name. My entry is option L. (Mika L). Thanks!  If I win, I get my work printed in their limited edition volume(s), and will receive a free copy. This would really do wonders for my resume, and I would honestly just like to win haha. All the entries are wonderful though, so please vote honestly! Thank you <3

You can vote here:

Items I am currently selling

I’m still adding on more items! I have roughly 7 more wigs to sell, some clothing for under 15 dollars, hair accessories, plushies, pins, DVDs, bags, jewelry, figures, hats, movie merch (i.e. frankenweenie, pitch perfect, maleficent, lion king, cinderella, etc.), and more! 

If you cannot pay through depop, please send me a message on here and we’ll discuss a payment method. These packages won’t send out until Monday, or even next weekend since school is starting so please be patient! Thank you!

Bleach will never be over for me, I haven’t cosplay Nel enough times yet and there are so many characters that I still need to be #bleachwillneverdie

Plus. Screw all of those loose ends 👿 I demand one shots and side stories!!!

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