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I ran into Yami Bakura wandering the Duel World (as Yami Bakura, too) and got pulled into a game so tough he broke the rating scale! He used a Monster World themed deck to bring out Dark Master Zorc!

And he used exact words and said the DECK isn’t the same, but his Destiny Board of Doom skill still activated. I suppose I should’ve known better than to trust him. XD


Excuse me while I obsess over Yu-Gi-Oh! 19 years too late XD All my friends grew up watching it but I didn’t (I was super sheltered) so now my husband is catching me up! He originally intended it as a joke because he just wanted me to watch every show he ever watched as a kid, but now I really really really like it (maybe a little too much) lol.  I mainly just can’t get over Yugi/Yami Yugi/Atem’s fantastic character design! And his hair is SO much fun to draw!!!

See the time lapse drawing video of the Pharaoh Atem drawing here!

Drawing © Laura Aufiero. Yami Yugi/Atem do not belong to me!

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Yami Bakura has Mai and Tea dialogue too! Going by Tea’s dialogue this seems to be after Ryou took the Ring back on the Battle City blimp in the manga. (But since he’s an NPC in-universe it doesn’t really matter XD;)

NPC Bakura is also a Weevil fanboy!

Mai: You’re Yugi’s……
Yami Bakura: Yeah. His friend.
Mai: ……I’ve been thinking for a long time that when you Duel, you look very cruel. Usually, you have such a cute face.
Yami Bakura: Hahahaha……. Thank you for your kind words.
Mai: ……Well, whatever. Anyway, let’s Duel! I’ll take everything I can get!
Yami Bakura: I like your spirit! That’s why you’re worth defeating! Hahahaha!

Tea: Bakura! You’re wearing the Millennium Ring again!?
Yami Bakura: Yeah. My host body can’t help stealing. Such a nuisance. Anyway, I only came this time to have fun. So don’t worry. Even if you lose, I won’t turn you into a doll. Hahahaha!
Tea: of course not! I never want to experience that again!

Yami Bakura: Hahahaha… I know you. Aren’t you the one who threw Yugi’s Exodia into the ocean?
Weevil: Wha….. You got a problem with me!
Yami Bakura: No no. I loved that you did something so horrible! You’ll do anything to win. That’s great! I should learn from you! Hahahaha!
Weevil: W……Well, yeah. Tee hee hee hee!
Yami Bakura: Unless you lose to me.
Weevil: Screeeeeam!!