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Classic Sonic
- Sonic from Sonic 1 - 3, Sonic Generations and Sonic Forces
- Doesn’t talk at all, but may make sounds to get peoples’ attention
- Lots of silly gestures and charades
- Light blue baby 💙

Adventure Sonic
- Sonic from Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2
- Loud and sassy
- Very animated when he moves and talks
- Quills stick up when startled or frightened
- Probably says “radical” and “tubular”
- 7.8/10 way too dark blue

Modern Sonic
- Sonic from… A lot of games. Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colors, the Storybook games, Lost World, etc.
- Likes puns
- Sassy, but knows when to tone it down
- Ultramarine
- The default Sonic most people think about

2006 Sonic
- Sonic from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
- Oddly human shaped
- Has the goofiest laugh ever
- Really appreciates nature and small things no one else notices or cares about
- Clumsy and sometimes has a hard time doing simple tasks
- Very pure, trying his best

Smash Bros Sonic
- Sonic from Super Smash Bros Brawl and Smash Bros 4
- Doesn’t talk until he has an opportunity to be sassy
- Likes to fight even when it’s unnecessary

- Sonic from the Sonic Boom series
- Very tall
- Don’t touch his bandana without permission, he will literally kill you
- Doesn’t take anything seriously
- Pretty lazy
- He’s also kinda loud -

Archie Sonic
- Sonic from the Archie Comics
- Can go from serious to silly in no time at all
- Often makes assumptions that could cause trouble
- Remembers almost everything
- Somewhat cautious in unfamiliar situations
- Needs a hug

Fleetway Sonic
- Sonic from the Fleetway Comics
- Probably the grumpiest Sonic
- Sassy, but like in a mean way (oops)
- Looks like a cinnamon roll but would actually kill you
- Do not make him mad
- Do not let him go super

- Sonic from the manga
- Very shy
- Short and cute
- Needs glasses but doesn’t like wearing them
- Always cold
- Gets sudden spikes of determination at random times
- Looks like a cinnamon roll but swears a lot

OVA Sonic
- Sonic from Sonic CD and the OVA
- A lot like Classic Sonic, but with messier quills
- Always sounds like he has a stuffy nose
- Demands to be taken seriously
- Cannot be taken seriously
- Will do anything to help anyone, even if he’s skeptical
- Really scared of bugs for some reason
- “There is only one Sonic”

AoStH Sonic
- Sonic from the tv series The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
- The goofiest Sonic
- Falls in love with every girl he sees
- If weird shit happens he just rolls with it because it’s normal to him
- Casually breaks the laws of physics and warps reality on a daily basis
- Costumes and crossdressing
- Has allergies and spring is hell for him
- A walking PSA
- “That’s no good.”

SatAM Sonic
- Sonic from the tv series Sonic the Hedgehog (which aired on Saturdays in the 90s)
- Loves nature almost as much as 2006 Sonic
- A bit less goofy than AoStH Sonic, but not by much
- Would rather sit on the floor than in a chair
- Likes to sleep in trees
- Probably gets squeamish in those rotating doors or phone booths (reminds him of the roboticizer)
- Has an extreme fear of failure
- “I’m waiting…”

Underground Sonic
- Sonic from Sonic Underground
- Sings out loud when a song is stuck in his head
- Doesn’t feel comfortable in houses for some reason
- Very protective of his friends and family
- Has abandonment issues and hates being alone
- Always has that feeling of “something’s missing but I don’t know what”

Sonic X Sonic
- Sonic from Sonic X
- A little lazy
- Loves little kids
- Loves flowers and probably collects them to dry them
- Always ready to help
- Extremely competitive
- Always seems to be looking for things he just put down 5 seconds ago gOD WHERE IS IT
- Picky about what he eats
- “What day is it?”
- “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…”

- You know what Scourge is like you fools
- Hail to the king, baby

- You also know what Zonic is like (and if you don’t, look at the wiki)

°I ~ ideal type ! ~ I°

“ always having shimmering stars in his eyes, and holding a lot of dreams inside his small heart .
my ideal type is…-  Fukuzawa Yukichi !”

- Tsurugi, third Servamp OVA ( engl. translation by hello-vampire-kitty )

[°°°$°°°] Money money money [°°°$°°°]!
more Money for Tsurugi’s birthdaaaaay ~~~~!
Yes, the ( I’m a ) büüütch ( so pay me ) deserves even more love today >w>)9 !!
no TaiSHIT Touma
no suffering
just strawberrys, money and his ideal taipuuuu Fukuzawa !

now everyone sing for Tsurugiii !
“ I’m a bi-… ! ”
“ happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Tsurugi, happy birthday to youuuu !~~ ”
yaaaay \(*w*)/ !!
now he has to blow his birthday candles and then PARTY HARD in the C3 building !
may he bathe in money as long as he wants, receive a happy life….
and become Wrath’s Eve please !! >o>)
Ik there also discussion were there’s the opportunity that Tinker might become Wrath’s Eve,  but I truly believe that our child Tsurugi will create the bond with the mother soon òwó)9 !
( *3*)/ \(*w* )

wuh ~ at first I had a bunch of other sketches for his birthday, for example him bathing in money or sth with the Mother, but well ~ the OVA-Idol thing suits him too ! sexeeehhh suit ! v.v)~

hope you like it :D !

everyone PAY attention to him today ~~~



An Original Series Coming By Nikolas A. Draper-Ivey 

Some characters from the Ne Plus Ultra series I’m working on. Just small stuff for now, but I figured I’d show you.
(My own stuff FINALLY)

1. Rush “Agulu” Blitz
A Protagonist in the Ne Plus Ultra series. His story is called LION which will begin as its own series.
He is a rebellious son of a prophet. He has the greatest story and calling of all the characters. The premise is simple. It’s the tale of an old age prophet in a new age society

2. Lace “Imazu” Othniel
A protagonist in the Ne Plus Ultra Series.
His story is called Dream Vesper which will begin as its own series.
He creates nightmares in order to save people from following dreams that lead to an untimely death.

3.Savierré “Ogundu” Swiftstone

A friend of Rush’s in LION. A natural fighter and yet somehow a pretty boy. He is more calm than Rush is, but is quick with comebacks and jokes though…. That often gets him into trouble and leaves him swinging his fists to defend himself. He is popular with the ladies.

4. Maurice “Takah” Aganju

He’s an asshole. That’s all you need to know for now. 

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Yuri and Rings

Further musings on my previous Yuri on Ice post.

I’ve been informed of fan theories going around about the rings being onamori. Now, I did live in Japan for three years, but that does not make me an expert on that subject. Japanese culture is a labyrinth that an outsider can understand to a degree, but never fully. However, I do have a fantastic resource: my Japanese husband. (Disclosure: I’m a gay white guy.)

So, I asked him:

Me: Could Yuri have considered those rings to be onamori?
Him: No. (That was literally his full, immediate answer. When he is that blunt, he is quite serious.)
Me: Not even symbolically?
Him: No way.

Further discussion with hubby reached the conclusion that Yuri could only have considered the rings as engagement rings and nothing else.

So, why the euphamistic reference to them?

I’ve seen other posts suggest that Japanese propose like this. That a proposal might go something like, “Will you cook for me for the rest of my life?” I’d heard that before too, and when I brought it up with hubby, he laughed and said that is really old-fashioned. My experience with him was pretty straightforward.

Him: We should get married.
Me: Yes, we should.

That was it.

Okay, so what’s going on?

He and I discussed this and agree that there are two major issues going on here, one story-related and the other is a behind-the-scenes issue.


One could argue that Yuri did not directly ask engagement or refer to the rings as such because hinting at it would make the possibility of rejection a little easier to swallow. Though Yuri is improving as a character, he still has confidence issues and those are not solved in a single skating season.


The history of gay males in anime is not good. Lesbians have fared better, having been featured in Sailor Moon and El-Hazard. A lot of the history of gay males in mainstream anime comes down to two incidents.

First is Yoshihiro Togashi, famous for YuYu Hakusho and Hunter x Hunter. Before YuYu Hakusho, Togashi did another manga with a gay male couple and it bombed. It was his intention that Hiei and Kurama in YYH be gay, but after the failure of the previous manga, his editors vetoed that idea.

While artists in Japan tend to be open to gay characters, the management is extremely conservative. This leads to Neon Genesis Evangelion. You wouldn’t know from the marketing that Kaworu and Shinji are supposed to be gay, but they are. The writers want that. The managment won’t allow it. The writers and animators have found ways to sneak in references to the fact, however.

Our theory is that the writers wrote this as they did to keep a very nervous management happy.

This is why we get a lot of queerbaiting in anime. We are used to thinking of homophobia coming out as slurs, grafitti, and violence. In Japan, the primary expression of homophobia is erasure. Anime isn’t just an art form. Those who run the studios are generally very conservative and want anime to reinforce the status quo. You generally have to go to the underground manga scene to get the stuff that bucks that status quo. Believe me, the underground manga scene is beyond vast. You think we get to see all the manga outside of Japan? I guarantee that 90% of the manga that Japan produces will never be seen outside its borders.

So, what is remarkable about a story like Yuri on Ice is not that it exists. What’s remarkable is that it exists and it has a mainstream studio and marketing machine behind it. As far as my husband or I know, this has never happened in Japan before.