manga tributes

No rest for the wip-ed!  Here’s another look at my take on Ash from Wes Anderson ’s Fantastic Mr Fox coming together for @spoke_art Bad Dads Art Show opening Oct 28th! I start adding texture with patches of lighter and darker colors where his fur’s about to get real fluffy. 


An innocent boy, deprived of his childhood and happiness

All he wanted, was to sleep in a quite place.

Taken and raised by a mad man. Who used him as nothing more than a pawn

But he would do anything for the man who gave him a home

Then ripped from his family

He would do anything to make the man who raised him proud, even if it meant throwing the world into chaos.

Then to be awaken to what he has become, and what kind of monster his master is

Given freedom

Freedom from the chains that held him back.

and found a new home, a real family

Now fighting for the country he once willing to destroy.

that is Macbeth


I forgot YYH had fun puzzles in between chapters

Happy birthday Osamu Tezuka! (November 3rd, 1928)

Okay, I just had to dedicate this week to a tribute to one of my biggest influences of all time, Osamu Tezuka. I’m not a big anime or manga fan in general, but Tezuka’s comics, which paved the way for japanese media as we all know it today, has always either astounded me, impressed me, entertained me, or even educated me. Even after several decades have passed, the dilemmas and themes that Tezuka was more than willing to tackle still ring incredibly true in several societies, like discrimination, the destruction of wildlife, divisions of class between the rich and the poor, and even the search for spiritual peace in a world of constant bloodshed. Even though Tezuka wasn’t sure about how every problem could be solved, he continued to show immense empathy and love towards all living creatures.

I’ve learned a lot from Tezuka’s revolutionary work, and the biggest thing he taught me was how to keep going through with what I enjoy most. Whenever I read or hear about the moment that Tezuka’s mother told him to do what he loved, I can feel my whole body shudder with a sense of sheer motivation. And to see how much Tezuka accomplished and see how much he had to say drives that feeling even harder. I cannot thank Osamu Tezuka enough for his kind words and dedication to what he truly loved, which is why I feel so grateful to have the chance to draw and write myself.

Rest in peace Tezuka-sama…

Just let them eat bread. Thats not a metaphor literally let Ichigo, Chad, Orihime and Uryuu eat leftover stale bread from Orihime’s job in Ichigo’s bedroom without some other worldly who ever jumping through the window and starting a fight. With all the huge story lines that Bleach has gone through, I still am completely entranced by the characters from the original arc. Just let them be happy (;﹏;)

Last November was published the last chapter of Naruto, my all time favorite manga.

I can’t really express what I felt and what I still feel today, but it’s mostly happiness.
This manga never disappointed me, I loved the characters and really got attached to them and their stories.

I’ve always felt close to Naruto for many reasons and today I am grateful I discovered this great manga.

I grew up with Naruto, he’s my hero.

So thank you Masashi Kishimoto, thank you for giving us Naruto :)