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epodynothanato  asked:

On one of your more recent posts, it says that you ship William with pigeons. Does that show up in a chapter of the manga, a short thingy in an OVA, or...? Either way, I think it's really cute.

Haha, yes, one of my cracky ships. XD It’s just that William was depicted with a pigeon once in the manga (ch 30) and in some art from Yana. XD

(I mean, did he draw a picture of a shinigami pigeon there? With glasses and scythe? XD)

Anyway, he seems to like his pigeon, it’s really cute. XD

                                           ❝But… Other Self,
                                                      I want to be with you forever.
                                                      I don’t care if I never find my memories…


Kunimi’s n° 1 most hated words are: “Kindaichi can’t be the Ace of Seijou” or any word that is used to bad mouth Kindaichi. And when someone says that, Kunimi will give them the ‘Dirty look’ or worse he will confront them

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