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This is based on This Intro of YuGiOh Abridged, go and watch it you won’t regret it, because all the way back when I got into Undertale so have I been wanting to draw this as whenever Papyrus said Nyeh in the game etc I immediately thought of this scene xD

And damn these are so old now, like months old! took way too long for me to finish these for some reason and there are soo many things I am no happy with but I am too tired to say them all so meh

Finished the last panel today and for some reason I decided to animate it a bit, the animation turned out pretty well actually <: think I might post it without the speech bubble separately later~

grelluffandwillsprout  asked:

On one of your more recent posts, it says that you ship William with pigeons. Does that show up in a chapter of the manga, a short thingy in an OVA, or...? Either way, I think it's really cute.

Haha, yes, one of my cracky ships. XD It’s just that William was depicted with a pigeon once in the manga (ch 30) and in some art from Yana. XD

(I mean, did he draw a picture of a shinigami pigeon there? With glasses and scythe? XD)

Anyway, he seems to like his pigeon, it’s really cute. XD