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…a few panels from the ‘Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind’ manga by Hayao Miyazaki - really enjoying the sense of depth in all the environments & these airships carrying the Giant Warrior as cargo are astounding…

#WIPWednesday!🎉 Ever wanted to paint fur?😊 Or tried and just couldn’t get it right?🤔😑 Well little #Totoro is here as an example of my fur painting technique!😁🍃 Painting fur requires a lot of patience *take deep breathes* 😦😮 It’s like training a puppy😚🐶💞 Practice keeping your hand steady so it doesn’t shake and just keep adding layers of quick strokes and dabs to achieve that fluffy look.😍❤️❤️ I hope this helps you!!😘💋 #camilladerrico #popsurrealism #poppainting #wip #Wednesday #miyazaki #hayaomiyazaki #artist #popmanga #studioghibili #art #artwork #とのりのととろ #ととろ #technique #manga #anime #patience #fluffy

¬ Upon first coming across Dietrich and witnessing her fight against an awakened being, Deneve notes Dietrich’s skill and tact in using the body of the enemy as a way to catapult herself above him, gaining a great vantage point before slicing him in half.

Following this meeting, Dietrich displays a pattern of high jumps, whether she is boosted up by a fellow warrior or utilizing her surroundings, in order to gain a literal upperhand against her opponents.

Fans have dubbed this technique of Dietrich’s as “Sky Sword.”


[ATTACK] Mercury Aqua Mist.

Series: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

Kana: マーキュリー・アクア・ミスト
Romaji: Maakyurii Akua Misuto

User: Sailor Mercury
Item required: None
First appearance: Act 2
Last appearance: Act 47


  • The manga equivalent of this attack originally had no name in the first edition. When the manga was reprinted to coincide with the live-action series’ release, the maneuver was called  "Mercury Aqua Mist.“
  • Unlike its manga counterpart, this technique did not generate fog, and it could also be used as a finishing move.

Shueisha is publishing a how-to guide on making manga with Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure author Hirohiko Araki, dishing out all his secrets. “Araki Hirohiko no Manga Jutsu” (Hirohiko Araki Manga Technique) will have seven chapters beginning with “How to Draw an Introduction”, and progressing to creating characters, practice chapters, and even a study of Ernest Hemingway’s story creation process.

Araki will be explaining all his processes for making a fantastic manga; from drawing to trade secrets from within the manga industry….

Araki Hirohiko no Manga Jutsu will be released in Japan April 17 for 780 yen (~$6.40)