manga picked me off the floor

SoMa Week 2015 Day 1: Geeking Out

Time to combine my two loves once again. I was torn between them geeking over the Mother video game series or CLAMP. CLAMP won. 

     She was carrying a few boxes out of her room. Soul didn’t know why, but he saw a book fall out of one them.
     Oh God, the apocalypse was starting, if Maka was willingly getting rid of books. He walked over and picked the book off the floor. It was a thin thing. The cover had a young anime girl with auburn hair and a frilly outfit on. A small, winged lion smiled next to the girl. She held some sort of scepter with a strange bird head ornament on it.
     “The hell is this?” he muttered.
     “Oh…just some manga I’m getting rid of,” his meister answered, taking the book from him and throwing it into one of the boxes.
     “Japanese comics,” she explained, “Tsugumi told me about this one author, and I started reading a bunch of them.”
     Soul dug through one of the boxes, and sure enough, they were all by the same person. Someone called CLAMP.
     “There’s a group of women that write and draw manga,” she went on.

     “They’ve been at it a while. I’ve just gotten tired of them. Despite the all-women team here, they’re stories are really weird. Some of them are kinda sexist, if you look at them a bit.”

     “Really? I would think an all female team would be a bit better about that.”
     “Yeah. You’d think. Dunno what I’m gonna do with ‘em. Need to make more room for my regular hardcovers.”
     “I can find something to do with ‘em.”
     “You sure? I was gonna give them to Tsugumi or something.”
     “I got an eBay account. I can sell ‘em.”
     “Well, alright! Thanks, Soul.”
     She gave his arm a playful bump with her fist and walked back to her room. With that, Soul took the books to his room.

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