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21, Yuzu and Mei please :3

21. Jealous kiss

“Prez sure is popular,” Harumi observed, using her shirt to fan herself.

“Yup,” Yuzu grumbled as she sipped from her juice box. They were looking out over the track field, leaning on the bleachers away from the strenuous activity in an effort to keep from sweating; even if it was impossible to avoid in the current weather.

In particular they were watching Mei, who had just finished a rather impressive sprint only to be surrounded by a gaggle of students. She seemed impassive as always, even as she accepted a towel from one girl and a water bottle from another. They proceeded to fawn over her like groupies.

“Doesn’t it bother you?” Harumi asked curiously.

Yuzu shrugged. “Eh… a little, but I guess I’m used to it by now.”

Harumi dug a pair of sunglasses from her cleavage and placed them smoothly over her face. “That won’t do, Yuzuchi. You oughta mark your territory. Show them that she’s not available.”

“I dunno about that, Harumin…”

Harumi smirked before cupping her hand to her mouth. “Hey, Prez!” she called out loudly. Yuzu nearly spit her juice out as Mei’s attention was caught. “Come over here, Yuzuchi wants to tell you something!”

“Buzz off!” one of the girls around Mei called back. Harumi responded with a vulgar gesture, making the group gasp in response. Then the group gasped again in hushed shock when Mei started walking in their direction.

“She’s coming, Yuzuchi, this is your chance.”

“Dammit, Harumin! What am I supposed to do?” Yuzu spluttered at her friend as Mei approached. Harumi patted Yuzu’s back and said “be bold!” before pushing her towards the president.

“What is it?” Mei asked a blushing Yuzu.

“Er…” Yuzu looked over at Mei’s groupies, who were glaring daggers at her. They were probably going to kill her after this. Yuzu gulped and shook it off. She had to be bold! She focused on her girlfriend, who had her hair up in a ponytail and sweat dripping down the side of her flushed face. Yuzu got closer and tugged at the hem of Mei’s gym shirt. “You… look really good out there.”

Mei raised an eyebrow at that. “Is that it?”

Yuzu heard Harumi say “do it!” at her back and she flushed at how public this was. She tugged Mei closer, bringing their faces really close together much to the loud horror of the groupies. She looked Mei in the eyes to see if she would push her away, but Mei looked curiously enraptured with her actions.

Encouraged, Yuzu went in for a slow kiss lined with barely held back lust.

People screamed. Someone might’ve fainted and the others were stunned into silence.

Mei’s hands were in her hair and Yuzu wound her arms around Mei’s back possessively. She tilted her head and opened her mouth to let Mei’s tongue tangle with her own, clearly familiar with each other.

“Christ, break it up, you made your point!” Harumi said as she dug out a snack from her cleavage.

When they parted, Yuzu shyly bit her lip and Mei bit back a pleased smirk. “We’re at school, try to control yourself” she admonished a little too late.

“Right… uh, could you tell your groupies not to kill me?” Yuzu asked, suddenly very aware that they were probably gathering pitchforks as they spoke.

Mei detangled herself from Yuzu. “I’ll consider it,” she simply said.

Yuzu swallowed thickly as Mei tightened the blindfold around her head. Her heart was beating in her ears and her hands fisted the sheets in nervousness. Mei placed her hands on her shoulders and leaned in, her breath tickling Yuzu’s ear. “Do not move.” Her voice made Yuzu’s whole body shiver. 

‘Is this payback for what I did on her birthday?’ Yuzu wondered frantically. ‘Oh my god, what is she going to do to me?’ Even as Yuzu sat as still as possible, her mind raced with the possibilities. Most of them lewd in nature, Yuzu started fidgeting in place, rubbing her legs together. ‘Oh my gooood, what is going to happen???’

At the desk, Mei did her homework, sighing in contentment at the peace and quiet. 

“Mei?” Yuzu asked quietly after a few minutes of sitting blindfolded on the bed.

“Patience, Yuzu,” Mei purred in just the right way to make Yuzu’s mouth snap shut. Mei resumed her reading of a very thick book. “Good girl.” 

I wrote this after hearing the Citrus PV and liking Yuzu’s voice. A lot.

“So… do you guys know how to.. uh…” Yuzu’s voice gradually wound down to an embarrassed whisper along with her posture, shrinking down in her seat. Her next words were nigh unintelligible, her face going red in a tell-tale sign that this was going to be somehow related to Mei. “How to talk dirty?”

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“Harumin, you’re not opening your mouth wide enough!” Yuzu laughed.

“My mouth can’t open any wider, and your aiming face is too funny!” Harumi cackled as she pushed the hood of her giraffe onesie away from her face.

Yuzu, clad in her bear onesie, was too busy laughing to properly aim her marshmallow shooter at Harumi’s mouth. “Okay, Okay! Just- haha! Hold still for two seconds!”

Harumi complied, but when two seconds went by she held up her own marshmallow shooter and started shooting Yuzu indiscriminately. “Too slow!”

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