manga looks omg


I believe that Michiru is the type of person that would wake up in the morning and be shocked by her own beauty (I do this often XD) And I believe that Haruka would laugh at her for it.



Inktober Day 20: Deep

This wasn’t originally done as an inktober, but I thought it fit well with the theme for the day I drew it on so I’m counting it as an inktober.

dollfacedbunny  asked:

Hi Moon. Could pretty please I have a picture of Juuzou holding a bunny? If not, I would like a picture of Kichimura and Koori for my friend soukichimura -w-

sure!! i think that juuzou with a bunny would be so adorablee~

if you want to use this drawing or else, give me credits. Thank you \(◕▿◕)/



No matter what, I will never stop laughing at this scene