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a friend: I really wanna watch an anime with great world building and likeable well developed characters. I want the plot to be clear and focused without all that filler shit Naruto’s been spinning around for the past years. I just want to be invested in a series both mentally and emotionally. Any ideas? 


One Piece ワンピース [Dressrosa Saga] : Shichibukai Donquixote “TenYasha” Doflamingo vs Trafalgar D. Water “Surgeon of Death” Law

“So you’re a ‘D.’?! A hidden name! Are you trying to say it was Fate that brought you here? What nonsense did Corazon fill your head with?! You think being a “D.” will stop me?? That ‘God’s Natural Enemy’ crap is all just superstition!!”

Aye “TenYasha” was the realest wildcard in One Piece back in the day. Every time he came out there was an air of tangible danger. The scene where he’s about to kill Vice Admiral “The White Hunter” Smoker and Kuzan stops him but Doflamingo strikes anyways still gives me chills. Another is when the World Government sends him to assassinate Gecko Moria, that for me set him apart from the rest of the Shichibukai. Although, I must say I didn’t enjoy the Dressrosa Arc as much as I wanted to for numerous reasons, but pre-Dressrosa Doffy still holds a special place for me. I also mentioned before but I’ll say it again, Sora no Michi (the Sky Net) he uses to travel through the sky blew my mind! To the once untouchable “Heavenly Demon”!