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One Piece Facts
  • Olivier Levasseur, a famous pirate known for allegedly hiding a treasure and leaving behind a cryptogram regarding its whereabouts during his public execution ( does this remind you of anything ?)
  •  All the known members of Monkey family have a mark on the left side of their faces. Both Luffy and Garp have a scar,  Dragon has a large tattoo.
  • Robin’s tragic past ( the annihilation of Ohara ) might be inspired by an incident in the Qin Dynasty of Ancient China ( 焚书坑儒 ): scholars were executed and books were burned because Emperor Shi Huangti believed that uneducated people were easier to control.
  • The chapter where Rosinante’s burns down a hospital where doctors refuse to treat Law is similar to a scene from The Dark Knight where the Joker makes a hospital explode.
  • Universal Studio Japan has actually built a replica of the tombs of Ace and Whitebeard as a tribute to the series.
  • Oda stated that if he could have any Devil Fruit power,  he would have Robin’s power so he could draw quicker. WE DON’T DESERVE THIS MAN
  • Luffy’s hat was originally going to be given to him by Garp. Oda also stated that Garp was going to have magic, a plot element absent from One Piece itself.

Apparently, they will be launching these cuties at 22nd July~ Probably for the 20th Anniversary of One Piece.

In case you’re wondering, the scenario refers to the colorspread Oda drew for the popularity poll back in 2014~!

a friend: I really wanna watch an anime with great world building and likeable well developed characters. I want the plot to be clear and focused without all that filler shit Naruto’s been spinning around for the past years. I just want to be invested in a series both mentally and emotionally. Any ideas?