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My 4th Tokyo Ghoul:re opening, based on the Rushima/Cochlea arc, hope you guys enjoy! If you haven’t already. I suggest watching the first one since this one is like the counterpart to it.

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Sorry for the tagging, just a bit excited to be finished the opening finally and wanted to share.

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Regarding Sanji and Purin

Now, the latest chapter (869) had this moment, with Purin reacting to Sanji catching Nami and indeed it seems Oda has some type of intention behind it. What exactly the meaning of it is is hard to tell, but the most common thoughts seem to be that Purin is either jealous or envious. And sure it’s possible she now has some type of crush on Sanji, and Oda might use that in the story, but only time will tell. Either way, what I really want to talk about is not Sanji and Purin as a ship, but as a real possibility within the story.

I don’t want to bash anyone, and of course those that ship Purin and Sanji are free to do so. But as a Sanji fan I really don’t want Oda to develop some type of real romance there (nor do I think he will). I will in this post discuss my own opinion on why I think that Sanji x Purin actually happening is a bad thing.

If you’re sensitive about Purin x Sanji don’t read.

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Top 10 weirdest choices if SaNa doesn't happen.

Now, I’m not saying that SaNami has to or will happen 100%. But there are a few things that I personally would see as odd choices in the story writing from Oda’s part if Sanji and Nami ends up with other people. (If no one is confirmed by the end it can all just be hinted at and all shippers can interpret as they’d like.)

Now this is just my own small list of things that come to mind that I find quite curious and personally see as possible hints at SaNami happening by the end of One Piece.

10. Have them both talk about and be curious about the other’s past and even feelings. Of course this could still just be seen as nakamaship, but the weird part is why Oda would so often choose them specifically for this.

9. Having Nami being the driving force to save Sanji. Why in Zou have Nami be much more focused on getting to Sanji than any other strawhat, even more than Luffy. (Also, Sanji being the driving force when Nami is in danger, but that one is so obvious so…)

8. Having Sanji sacrifice himself for Nami multiple times. And also Oda seemingly avoiding them knowing about it by having them being unconcious pretty much every time it happens. I mean, he took a knife in the back for her!

7. Seeing Sanji run off to save Nami despite being with a woman who sort of returned his flirting. Even Viola herself seemed to see something was up.

6. The heart-shaped sakura between them. Right before an arc that focuses on Sanji’s wedding. I mean, it’s not neccessary, so why draw it at all? (Also, other color spreads with nice SaNami interactions.)

5. Making Nami answer Sanji’s confessions with “yes yes”, even as a joke. Also, not denying him. It would have been so easy for her to simply say “No, you idiot!” Having Sanji ask only Nami about her loving him is another interesting choice.

4. Having Nami step in to fight for and “avenge Sanji”. Both vs. Califa and in Skypiea when she protects Sanji and Usopp. Also the fact that she had that talk about his chivalry and even specifically said that “I won’t let her get away with this.“ about Califa.

3. Focusing most of Sanji’s flirting towards Nami instead of spreading it out. Seriously, Robin has so little Sanji-interaction in comparison to Nami that it’s almost weird. Also, Nami was the first woman Sanji showed heart eyes to. She was special right from the start.

2. That slap. Because it leads to tension that needs to be resolved, and it might possibly become a catalyst for change in the relationship between Sanji and Nami. Either way that slap is perhaps not romantic, but it does give off a feeling of deep emotions. Also, the thunder that timed perfectly with Sanji and Purin hugging. I said that was an ominous sign for Sanji x Pruin when the chapter first came out and I’m pretty sure it’s no coincidence that Oda decided to show that it was Nami who produced that huge lightning. Basically there has been a lot of Sanji/Purin/Nami drama… And speaking of.

1. The wedding themes. Thriller Bark, WCI, Omake Family Time and in two movies. I mean, this is just cruel fanservice at this point if they end up with anyone else. Also, the fact that Nami is called “Cat Burglar” which can mean husband stealer (Lola even used it in that context in Thriller Bark) and now we know that Purin is evil. If Nami fights Purin, that would definitely be number one on this list.

Thanks for reading. And I’m sorry about not being as active anymore, but I just don’t have the time that I used to. ^^’‘‘ Even so, let’s keep hoping for more SaNami coming our way. Let me know what you thought and if there are any other SaNami “things” you feel would make it on your own list. ;)

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