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One Piece ワンピース [Whole Cake Island Arc] : Nico “Devil Child” Robin

In regards to some of your asks about Robin’s outfit in the -Commander Smoothie vs Nico Robin- post, here is the full design. Mafia Robin!

♪ : Little Simz - Backseat | A COLORS SHOW


Well now we know why Katakuri has those stitches on his cheeks, though I never expected that underneath his edgy scarf he looked like this at all.
We all thought he was the cool looking, badass villian but here he is being flustered at being seen eating. What a dork.



My 4th Tokyo Ghoul:re opening, based on the Rushima/Cochlea arc, hope you guys enjoy! If you haven’t already. I suggest watching the first one since this one is like the counterpart to it.

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Sorry for the tagging, just a bit excited to be finished the opening finally and wanted to share.

  • Me on the first day of summer: let's see... I have a book project that I want to complete by mid-july, I live less than half an hour from Kings Island, I have a pool, and I can see my friends at any time for 14 weeks! Time to go outside and have some fun!
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