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Hamburger Steak in Tomato Sauce with Egg from Amaama to Inazuma (Sweetness and Lightning)

After making the Stuffed Green Pepper Hamburger, of course I had to make the hamburger topped with an egg from Episode 3! (Since I got 2 requests for food from this series anyway).

We also got to see what an @onionchoppingninja might look like in this episode:

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Stuffed Green Pepper Hamburger from Amaama to Inazuma (Sweetness and Lightning) - As Requested!

I received requests for something from Amaama to Inazuma from an anon and @faizdanyal, so here’s a recipe (that isn’t explicitly written out in the manga). It’s a really cute series!

Americans kids hate broccoli, Japanese kids hate green peppers (If you watched the comparison of different regional versions of Inside Out), but kids here love ‘gu lou yok’ (sweet and sour pork) which contains stir-fried green peppers, even if they usually just pick the fried pork bits out to eat first.

I thought this was a really great idea by Kouhei, recipe-wise, but I guess if he chopped up the pepper into tiny pieces and hid them in the patty, Tsumugi would have eaten it instead. However, I was salivating at the thought of eating a juicy pepper with an equally juicy hamburger patty, and so decided to make this.

Ingredients (for 2)

Okay, I know it’s hard to get ½ an egg, but I did it with double the following portions, (except for the pepper), and got lots of leftover hamburger mix. (And yes, that hamburger mix is going to turn into the other hamburger recipe)

For Burger

  • 1 large green pepper (or 2 small ones)
  • ½ an onion
  • 150g Beef (or pork)
  • 1/3 cup breadcrumbs
  • ½ egg
  • Salt & Pepper to taste (I used 1 tsp of sea salt, and ½ tsp pepper)
  • 1 tbsp milk
  • ½ tbsp olive oil

For Sauce

  • 4 tbsp tomato sauce
  • 2 tbsp Worcestershire Sauce
  • 3 tbsp stock

Method (15-20 mins)

1. Dice onions and stir fry. When golden, remove from heat and let it cool.

2. Cut the pepper into quarters if using one big one, and half if using 2 small ones. Remove seeds and pith.

3. Mix all the hamburger ingredients together, including the sauteed onions, (except the pepper) and toss the mixture from hand to hand to remove air pockets.

4. Stuff the meat mixture into the peppers!

5. Heat up pan with oil and sear meat on all sides.

6. Preheat oven to 200C (grill mode), or get your toaster oven (Max) /air fryer (180C) ready. 

7. Pop the stuffed peppers in it for 8-10 mins, until the meat is browned and cooked thoroughly. Cook it a bit longer if you like your peppers soft.

8. Meanwhile, make your sauce. Mix all the ingredients and simmer until thick in the pan.

9. Remove the stuffed peppers and plate with the sauce. You can enjoy it with rice or by itself!

No, Kouhei, don’t phrase it like that, it was SERIOUSLY FRIKKIN’ AWESOME.

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The teams in the manga

The teams in the Spanish manga~ (have been scanned by me, so forgive the errors)


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And Mark and Dylan <3

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Samuel (Red Matador)