manga illustrations

Digital Fan Art:

Visha in Chibi

Since I can’t decide which version of Visha of Youjo Senki to draw, I combined both of her hair styles in anime & manga. Though everything else is based from her anime version. Sorry she looks so awkward. I tried to make a different coloring style but I failed. I don’t want to redo it so it stays that way. 😂


The Art of Kiyohiko Azuma

Kiyohiko Azuma is a manga artist perhaps best known for his series Yotsuba&! about the naïve 5-year old Yotsuba who humorously stumbles her way through life. Stylistically, Yotsuba is always drawn more cartoonishly while her surroundings take on a different, more realistic look. And the astounding level of detail that can go in to some of Azuma’s backgrounds can render them as standalone works of art.


me: “what if… retro anime/manga style samus aran and a galactic cadet fall in love”

me at 5am: “whoops, I drew it”