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Manga Recommendations

I get these asks a lot, so here are some mangas I like!

  • DOGS: Bullets & Carnage
  • Dead Tube
  • Aku No Hana
  • Berserk
  • Lone Wolf And Cub
  • Sun Ken Rock
  • Shigurui
  • Vagabond
  • Paperweight Eye
  • Oyasumi Punpun
  • A Girl By The Sea
  • Solanin
  • Wolfen Crest
  • Monster
  • I Am A Hero
  • Battle Royale

(They contain psychological/physical abuse, rape, gore etc. take your own risk!)

anonymous asked:

i hope this isn't a weird question, but i feel like it's appropriate to ask you - what BL series can you recommend, manga or otherwise? they don't have to have xxx scenes, and relationships can even just be implied... thanks, either way!

Ohoohohoh I have a lot of BL stuff I could tell you about!! Here’s a list:  

That’s all I can think off but hopefully you’ll read some of these cute stories!! Thank you for asking me!!!

  • Me: I'm gonna read Killing Stalking.
  • Best friend: don't do it.
  • Me: i come from Tokyo Ghoul, Atack on Titan and Parasyte. Ain't nothing scaring a bad bitch like me.
  • [2 hours later]:
  • Me[crying]: why is this happening to my baby yoobum? Life is so unfair. That bitch, sangwoo. No, i can't.
  • Best friend: i told you.
  • Me: shut up.

Froggy’s Sports Manga Recc List!!!

as a quick excuse EXPLANATION: I generally don’t like sports manga.  And despite the domination of series such as Haikyuu, Kuroko and Daiya in the current anime/manga fan landscape, I like to imagine that there are others that are like me….  others who find sports manga tedious for a variety of reasons.

And thus, this list was born out of me doing backflips around the definition of what counts as a “sport.”  Basically, it came down to this: if the manga takes on a structure that is standard of a sports manga, or people are competing for something, I decided it was a sport!!!

Additionally, I tried to find manga that subverted a major thing that I don’t like about sports manga, and that is a complete lack of female characters.  You can expect most of these titles to have a strong presence of female characters in the plot (purely fueled by my bitterness at how much of a misogynist furudate is) !!!!

Anyways, titles and basic explanations under the cut!

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I am back again with some underrated manga! I did mostly shounen.

I didn’t include Imhotep since i”m talked about it in 2 different powerpoints but here it is if you want to see it

also check out @ambrosius-faust powerpoint on black torch for more info

Anime Recommendations

I’ll start with my Top 5 Anime, that was hard to order, in all honesty Anohana is far more accessible than steins;gate as steins;gate has a slow build up and can be confusing and somewhat tricky to grasp. Also Anohana will crush your heart and soul with feels so be prepared for that. 

1. Steins;Gate

2. Anohana

3. Shinsekai Yori 

4. Your Lie April


Onto Recommended in no particular order 

1.  Little Witch Academia, this really surprised me on how great it was, its a sweet anime that has some really hilarious segments (Akko joining a union)

2. Toradora! I love rom coms and this is amazing one of my all time favorite. Check it out if you are a fan of romance 

3. Bungou stray dogs another one that surprised me, theres a small segment of story in the latter half of the series thats sort of a flashback and it  blew me away. This is more action and comedy (Dazai) with some really nice moments throughout. 

4. Noragami this is in a similar vein as stray dogs its action and comedy throughout with Japanese folk lore

5. Hyouka - A very pretty and lovely mystery anime it can be slow and i guess some may find it dull at points. A good relaxing one (tanaka-kun is always listless is also fantastic for a relaxing anime) 

6. Assassination Classroom- Another all time of faviourite of mine, its funny and has some genuinely good quotes for  life sprinkled throughout its two series.  

7. Fate Zero - Full of action and one of the best out of the Fate stay night series I think, its also got some dark themes in areas. 

8. Death Note- The first half of death note is frankly amazing and is defiantly worth a look in, especially if you have seen the (awful in my opinion) netflix movie and want more or want to see how the original stacks up against the film

9.  My high school romantic comedy is wrong as I expected- This was fantastic and has a really good portrayal of an actual highschool classroom in my opinion. Be aware that the second season has an artistic style change, and sort of a tone change, but its a good one. 

10. Monthly Girls Nozaki Kun (dub) - A sort of rom com anime thats more focused on the comedy than romance. It pays out a lot on shojou manga tropes and has good character interactions. 

Honorable Mentions: Something Witty Entertainments Sword Art Online Abridged - this shit is fucking hilarious, even if you dont like SAO its worth a look as its hilarious and does some of SAO better then the original anime (Kirito and Asuna’s relationship) 

I’ll do a manga one after this and may do another one of these at some point

vgviktuuri  asked:

So ah, you have a rec list or something? :D

There are a lot of BL mangas I like and would recommend. I kind of put the mangas and mangaka into these categories:

Adorable, fluffy and more or less drama-free love stories:

Some or lots of angst/drama/tragedy:

Non-con or abuse (mostly not b/w the main pairing):

Lots of really hot sex:

This list is def incomplete so I will probably expand it whenever I remember or find someone new. I hope you read and enjoy at least some of these artists’ works ;)

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