manga i recommend

  • Me: I'm gonna read Killing Stalking.
  • Best friend: don't do it.
  • Me: i come from Tokyo Ghoul, Atack on Titan and Parasyte. Ain't nothing scaring a bad bitch like me.
  • [2 hours later]:
  • Me[crying]: why is this happening to my baby yoobum? Life is so unfair. That bitch, sangwoo. No, i can't.
  • Best friend: i told you.
  • Me: shut up.
Signs As Romance Anime

Aries: Toradora!

Taurus: Anohana

Gemini: Clannad

Cancer: Your Lie In April

Leo: Kaichou Wa Maid-sama!

Virgo: Say I Love You

Libra: Ore Monogatari!!

Scorpio: Sword Art Online

Sagittarius: Tonari No Kaibutsu-kun 

Capricorn: Amnesia

Aquarius: Ao Haru Ride

Pisces: Angel Beats!

Manga Recommendations

I get these asks a lot, so here are some mangas I like!

  • DOGS: Bullets & Carnage
  • Dead Tube
  • Aku No Hana
  • Berserk
  • Lone Wolf And Cub
  • Sun Ken Rock
  • Shigurui
  • Vagabond
  • Paperweight Eye
  • Oyasumi Punpun
  • A Girl By The Sea
  • Solanin
  • Wolfen Crest
  • Monster
  • I Am A Hero
  • Battle Royale

(They contain psychological/physical abuse, rape, gore etc. take your own risk!)

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How the fuck did we go to fluffy ice skating anime to never ending sobbing and bleeding manhwa

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Froggy’s Sports Manga Recc List!!!

as a quick excuse EXPLANATION: I generally don’t like sports manga.  And despite the domination of series such as Haikyuu, Kuroko and Daiya in the current anime/manga fan landscape, I like to imagine that there are others that are like me….  others who find sports manga tedious for a variety of reasons.

And thus, this list was born out of me doing backflips around the definition of what counts as a “sport.”  Basically, it came down to this: if the manga takes on a structure that is standard of a sports manga, or people are competing for something, I decided it was a sport!!!

Additionally, I tried to find manga that subverted a major thing that I don’t like about sports manga, and that is a complete lack of female characters.  You can expect most of these titles to have a strong presence of female characters in the plot (purely fueled by my bitterness at how much of a misogynist furudate is) !!!!

Anyways, titles and basic explanations under the cut!

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You have nothing to read, love shōjo mangas filled with fantasy, comedy and Disney? No problem. Today I’m going to present you my favourite manga:

English title: Kilala Princess

Japanese title:  きらら☆プリンセス (”Kirara Purinsesu”)

by Rika Tanaka & Nao Kodaka.

This manga tells the story of teenage girl Kilala Reno (れのきらら), who is a big Disney fan. She attends the local school with her best friend Erica (エリカ) and has the tendency to get herself, and Erica, into trouble. Always with her is her pet Tippe ( ティッピ), a female Flying Mouse.

Kilala daydreams about finding her happily ever after and being reunited with her parents again, who left their home a few years ago to travel to a foreign place in hope to find a cure for Mrs. Reno’s illness.

One day after school, Kilala discovers an unconcious boy lying in her yard, who later introduces himself as Rei (レイ). 

Kilala is being told about a legendary Seventh Princess, the rightful owner of a tiara with magical powers, who Rei is desperately attempting to find. Only the Seventh Princess can unlock he tiaras powers and change the fate of his homeland. 

Soon, Kilala finds herself in an adventure that will lead her through the worlds of Disney Princesses and stretch her to the limits. Will she be able to find the legendary Seventh Princess and save Rei’s homeland? And will she ever see her parents again?

Manga I recommend: Golden Boy by Tatsuya Egawa
Kintaro Oe, despite having met the requirements for a law degree, left Tokyo University without graduating. Golden Boy depicts his living the life of a free spirit, roaming Japan from town to town, job to job. During his travels, Kintaro meets several women whose lives he dramatically changes, despite poor first impressions. He constantly observes and studies the people and events around him, recording his findings in a notebook he carries on his belt.
Manga I recommend: Saturn Apartments by Hisae Iwaoka
Set in a distant future, where the Earth has been evacuated and humanity now inhabits a man-made ring-shaped city orbiting 35 kilometers above the planet's surface. The plot follows the life of a young man called Mitsu, whose job as a window cleaner allows him a glimpse into the lives of the ring's inhabitants, as he attempts to learn more about his father's disappearance while working in the same job.