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say what you will about the loz manga but i think we can all agree that the best adaptation that conveys what the canon scene is like within the whole series is when Link needs a canon for Linebeck’s ship in Phantom Hourglass and Eddo’s acting like “it’s expensive af kid, i don’t wanna cause you a heart attack upon telling you the amount” and then goes on to say “IT’S 50 RUPEES YOU GOT THAT MUCH??” flapping his casted arm like a bird

and then Link’s all “‘50 RUPEES’ ????” because we all know that’s jack shit and a freaking steal but then Linebeck’s like “shit that’s expensive” even tho it’s fucking not and then Eddo’s all “i’ll give it to you for free if you really convince me that you want it”

HOLY SHIT! FOR FREE?? THAT’S EVEN MORE OF A STEAL. IN FACT IT IS A STEAL! And so Link (you, the player) starts declaring in a firm voice that you want that canon but Eddo’s laughing at your lame attempts and so you gradually get louder and louder until you look like a fool screaming into your DS microphone with a mouth big enough for a motherfucking honeycomb

until you’ve caused mass destruction in order to get an item that will only allow you to cause even more mass destruction

just for you to pass out from yelling so loudly but you finally get the damn canon for free


It’s jus for you ma lovely chicken @kiacii

I tried to draw your persona with wings and as a chibi ^^ (Sorry if it’s too bad ><;)

Also I wanted to say you’re the cutest chicken ever (and yet I have a lot of chicken ! XD)

Your drawings are pur gold!! I love your art so much!You’re so talented *v*

You really are an angel! <3 You’re cute,sweet and  funny. I love you so much my dear Kiacii-senpai!! <333

Free Sketch Give Away: Fire Emblem || Effie

For @therabidcyndaquil Effie is his FE waifu. I don’t play Fire Emblem but after reading her bio, this is pretty much Effie. A cinnimon roll who likes to eat but could kill you.

Effie © Not this bitch lol

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