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I love how the girls are respected in bnha. (90% of the time anyway) Their bodies look like actual teenage girl bodies. Uraraka has a bit of chub and it looks good. Momo has big boobs but not in a ridiculous way. Everyone has room for organs! They’re all different and they feel really real, which is probably why I love them all so much!

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Why do you hate Hinata!? She is just as bad as Sakura, yet u like her?

Sakura: Badass kunoichi and kickass medic. Now a jonin. Student of the legendary Sannin Tsunade. Saved countless lives, INCLUDING HINATA’S. Took on and defeated Sasori. Punched a god. 

Hinata: Never won a single fight. Still a chunin. Can’t fight for shit. Tripped over a rock. Got Neji killed and didn’t care five minutes later because ‘omg naruto-kun is holding my hand!’ 

They’re the same? Boi the fuck outta here. 

Just a short comic strip for my College Student Nalu AU.
I apologize in advance for my poor English skills //x____x\ Your understanding is much appreciated.
Actually, this is quite addicting. I might draw something like this in the future.

Please don’t reupload/repost without my permission. Don’t remove watermark and please don’t steal. I’m also open for commission.