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So we know Senketsu has multiple forms he can change into. Ryuko's regular battle gear, synchronized battle gear (larger eyes and such), flying form, chainsaw, chainsaw-flight, final form, and of course regular sailor uniform. But I wonder, can he change into even more? Is jt feasable to assume he has the potential to take other forms? Senketsu-pajamas, Senketsu-swimsuit and so on.

I totally headcanon so!

There are also two arguably-canon examples that Senketsu can take on other forms.

For the first, 2014′s AnimeJapan trade show featured a gallery (and life-size cut-outs) of special-made art of Aniplex characters dressed in formal attire. Ryuko and Senketsu were included in the display, with Ryuko wearing what looks to be a fancier, red-dress version of Senketsu.

(Look closely—that’s definitely Senketsu’s eye and eyepatch!)

For the second example, Kill la Kill manga artist Ryo Akizuki included a sketch of bikini!Senketsu and Ryuko on the inside flap of the manga’s third volume.

Akizuki posted a full version of the sketch on twitter, too.

I don’t know how “canon” you can take either of the examples; the first is purely promotional, and the second is from an artist not actually involved in the anime (though, Kazuki Nakashima, head script writer, did oversee the manga and wrote it).

Regardless, though, I think they still help point to the idea that yes, Senketsu can absolutely change into other outfits if he’d like.


My favorite Bravat (and Cheslock) panels from Black Butler Chapter 110.

Note to self: Black Butler panels are way more difficult to clean up than Bleach panels (all that detail). Kind of gave up with Bravat’s cloak. Oh my sorry use of the cloner tool.

I absolutely forgot how much I LOVED Sardonyx. She’s my favourite anime diva of all time, and it’s actually a crime that I haven’t drawn her until now (or drawn more of her before). This started out as a messy sketch, but then my Japanese took over and this happened (ignore the wonky hands, rip).