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Tbh my original reason for making this was because I wanted to make something like those character tidbit bios in manga (゜▽゜;) And I might have wanted to try and practice making chibis. what is consistent art style wtf I’m so sorry

Mr. Blue AU (x)

Hello, this is your resident Bear speaking. Would you mind giving this a like/reblog if you’d be interested in interacting with my boy Wylan? He’s an independent hitman/contractor who acts like a total dork outside of his work. Probably has some issues to work through regarding said work now that I mention it. He has several genre and anime verses already and I’m always flexible for new ones! Thanks for reading.

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Okay but how do the quirk destroying bullets work

Quirks are passed down genetically from parents to child, so … Quirks are coded in the genes. I suppose, more specifically, quirks would be alleles… How does the quirk-destroying serum target Quirks in the genes? Which chromosome are quirks located on? How does the serum attack and destroy the genetic structure of a quirk so quickly? Is Overhaul using CRISPR?? 

I have a lot of questions and I should go to bed. 

At the same time I kind of want to start notating how Quirks work at the genetic level and how they could be destroyed/disabled. 

"βίος" Orchestral Cover
Hiroyuki Sawano feat. Mika Kobayashi [Covered by Mike Reed IX]
"βίος" Orchestral Cover

Hi Everyone! (*´・v・)

Guess what! Time for another Hiroyuki Sawano cover. 
It was very nostalgic doing this cover since bios was the first soundtrack from Sawano-sensei I fell in love with.

I hope you like it :)

Artwork by Redjuice

soniclozdplove  asked:

Makes you wonder why they have beachside resorts with pools and everything though... isn't the main pull the fact you can go to the beach!?

The jellies can swim. There are other people than just inklings. And even if inklings sink, I can see them using the swim rings to float. Heck, in the manga, in Aloha’s bio, it says that he likes to do surf boarding, even if he can’t swim.

Former No. 3 Quicksword Irene, deserted the Organization after the awakening of the young, new No. 2, Priscilla. Her Quicksword technique was not nearly quick enough; Only a moment in battle with the freshly awakened No. 2 and Irene lost an arm. Greatly wounded, she was thought to be dead but somehow managed to carry on, living hidden away without a trace of yoki…. 

SENRAN KAGURA Estival Versus - Localization Blog #2

When you localize for a game company that’s known for LEs, editing the game’s script itself is only part of the project. Our LE extras can be text-heavy too – ask Tom, who wrote every word of Adol’s travel journal for Ys: Memories of Celceta from scratch. For Estival Versus, since the dual CD soundtrack containing 70 tracks didn’t need much help from our localization side, series translator Jason and I had to work together to create all the text for the art book and collectible “pin-up cards” to complete the LE package.

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DR:AE In-game Biographies [Complete Translation]

All 17 in-game biographies will be placed under this readmore.

Please notify me and provide proper credit if you wish to use this script for any personal projects.

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Title: Ai Kara Hajimaru (Love Starts)

Author/s: Yukimaru Moe

Genre/s: School Life| Shoujo| Romance

Status: Completed

About: Sakura Ai fell in love with Tokuzawa Taiyou during her elementary days. However because she was so timid she couldn’t confess her love until he left. But fate brought them back together in high school. Unfortunately, Taiyou became this delinquent student so Ai stayed far away from him. But little did they know fate made them cross paths again. Will they take another step forward together or will they let their current situation continue? 


Sugarless Kiss

Ami met Kasshi-senpai when he took a bite out of her choco banana muffin. Since discovering that he likes sweets, she has given him various handmade sweets. But that doesn’t stop him from having other girls around.

Tsunde Renjyou

Yuika and Haru have been dating for a year. Yuika is selfish and likes sweet things, while Haru is amazingly kind. But will Haru end up hating Yuika because of her attitude…