*Sees Haikyuu trending*




Him and Ushiwaka talking and exchanging thoughts and giving advice was something so insanely pure and not something I realised I wanted until now…

The Iwa/Ushi chapter also reaffirmed something for me…


Iwaizumi and Oikawa are the exact same type of idiot

Now gimme that Oikawa reaction

Legosi, on the phone: Okay, before we start I have to warn you about something: I’m extremely dumb and clumsy. I don’t know how ANYTHING works at all. And I won’t understand at least 50% of what you’ll say to me.

Louis: Hon, you don’t have to start every phone conversation like that.

Legosi: Sshhh! I’m trying to call the tax people!

  • Lucy: *chilling on the far end of the beach, getting some tanning done* Hmmm~
  • Natsu: *hears that from the other end, starts sprinting* Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine *stops* Hey Luce, you wanna get buried in the sand or thrown into the water?
  • Lucy: No Natsu I am gooYAAA *Natsu drags her into the water*
  • Natsu: Nah you need some fresh water!