mang steve

(Mundane AU, children’s librarian!Steve/Peggy, ~1300 words)

The library is cool and quiet, a respite from the hot stickiness of the DC summer. Before Peggy can take a moment to enjoy the contrast in temperature and humidity, Sharon runs over to the children’s section. It’s laid out invitingly, squashy beanbag pillows heaped below a tree with all sorts of woodland creatures in it.

There doesn’t appear to be much Sharon can get herself into trouble with, and Peggy takes a tissue out of her purse, dabbing at the sweat that’s formed on her brow and lip. It’s only been a few days since her brother Michael and his wife went on vacation, but Peggy is starting to understand why they need the break. Sharon is lovely and wonderful, but she is still a five year old, and full of more energy and mischief than Peggy knows what to do with.

A flash of movement catches Peggy’s eye, and she looks over just in time to see Sharon pull  something out from the base of an elaborate-looking building.  

“Oh Sharon, darling, please don’t–” she says, just in time to be drowned out in a collapse of falling wooden blocks. Sharon looks around at the destruction she has wrought, and starts wailing.

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Your Best Friends

Imagine Steve getting jealous because Bucky would rather spend time with you than him after recovering

I am sorry if it’s bad, ^~^


“Hey! Buck!” Steve shouted down the corridor towards Bucky who was walking with you. Bucky turned to face the big muscly man. “Yep, what do you want cap?” Steve sped up his walking pace to catch up. “I was wondering if you want to go to the bar tonight, so we can catch up?.” Steve looked at Bucky then you then back to Buck. “Well… um… I would love to Steve but-” “You are going to hang out with (Y/N).” Steve finished Bucky sentence in a annoyed tone. “You always chose her over me!” Steve said getting annoyed. “Um, I am gonna carry on walk Buck. Catch up with you later” You manged to say before Steve went off on a rant. You quickly headed down the corridor. “Come on Buck! We used to be best buds back in the good old days!” “I know Steve. And I still love hanging out with you, its just…” “Buck, ever since you have recovered all you want to do is hang out with her-” “Her name is (Y/N)” “I just want some time for us to hang out again” Steve looked down to the ground trying to keep his rage inside of him. “Steve… are you jealous of (Y/N)?” He looked up and stared at Bucky, like he was talking a different language. “No I am not jealous of her!” Bucky laughed and turned to face your direction. He mumbled so Steve could just about hear “I am doing this because I want to tell (Y/N) my true feelings about her, don’t worry pal soon we can hang out!” He strolled off with a big smile on his face to catch up with you.