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“No More Drama” is fashion’s theme song du jour, at least in relation to what makes it down the runway. Here at, that’s produced a yearning for connection with designers who exhibit deeply personal points of view, and a nostalgia for the 1990s, before the corporatization of fashion, now in overdrive, started to take hold. This month Vogue Runway is celebrating four designers who knew the value of drama and humor on the runway—John Galliano, Jean Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood, and Thierry (now Manfred) Mugler—by posting eleven of their most fun-filled 1990s collections.

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do you believe in ghosts? I’m in love with the mystery=?. But when I took this picture & then Salvatore died not long after …the question mark grew larger and larger ,especially when you look at the hands wrapped around us. Salvatore was a master shoe designer for MUGLER  and died way too young. we lost a real talent here. this is cosmic and def not photoshopped. I can not explain it and dont feel the need to, as I said, I’m in love with the mystery.  I will post some more photos of more shoes that Manfred ,generously gave me that Salvatore constructed-but here is one- a “one of a kind” perfected  shoe that’s straps wrap around the ankle from Salvatore and Mugler circa 1991               -Lady miss Kier      

p.s. this was a long time ago…if your'e wondering what I am doing these days ….among producing, engineering, and writing for my own record label…i also dj -check me out:

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