New Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon footage!!

My main thought about this trailer:

When revealing that the AlolaDex will have over 400 Pokemon this time around, they showcased 7 Pokemon: Tropius, Larvesta, Mareep, Larvitar, Zorua, Houndoom, and Manetric. 

They made it a point to emphasize that Houndoom and Manetric were version exclusives and are also the only ones to be featured in their fully evolved forms. Last time that was relevant was when their Mega Evolutions were announced, so does that mean that Mega Evolutions will be present in the actual story this time?

On top of that, out of the 7 total Pokemon featured, 4 are ones that come to have a Mega Evolution. Could that mean that this was a hidden message that could be interpreted as Tropius, Larvesta, and Zorua are in line to get Mega Evolutions in this game if they really are incorporated into the main story?