Max the Manetric | ♂ | Naive nature / Somewhat vain
Child who literally lives under a bridge; he was living in Route 110 alone. Max is cheerful, not much seems to be in his head… At least on the surface. He is actually quite shrewd and lives by stealing things, even stealing a mega stone from a biker without regret. Max pretends to be an orphan and innocent to catch approaching humans off guard, giving an electromagnetic wave attack that leaves them motionless to buy time. The electromagnetic waves also active the mega stone which bears another problem: Aside from the adult stature in this form, his personality becomes very violent and aggressive. Everybody who disturbs would get relentlessly attacked and beaten up. The memories do not remain when he is normal. After turning back, he’d say: “My head feels funny, but I do not remember somehow.” It is said Mega Manetric are the Gijinka equivalent of human werewolf sightings.