I noticed a pattern when going through workplace accident reports

by reddit user manen_lyset

Note: Some names and locations have been changed to protect the identities of those involved.

For the first three years after graduating college, I toiled away as a temp worker, bouncing from agency to agency in the hopes of finding somewhere that would hire me for good. The economy being less than favorable, it was hard to find a job in my field. 

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Day 437 - Manene | マネネ | Mime Jr.

Not all clowns start in comedy. To become a good mime, Manene masters movement first, starting with dancing. You’ll find Manene in all sorts of dance studios, studying and playing. This baby can really move!

(P.S. Daily new Pokémon drawings, come again soon! Also, prints and commissions galore, e-mail for more. That rhymed. I guess I was a poet and I wasn’t aware of that fact.)

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Photo: Bertien Van Manen

30 Years in Appalachi: Moving Beyond the Hillybilly Cliches

In 1985, fascinated by stories of women working in mines in Appalachia, photographer Bertien van Manen embedded herself with families in the region. What emerged was an epic, intergenerational photography project spanning nearly 30 years.