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Can we please have X or S for Elorcan? Thanks!

1. thanks for the prompt nonnie! 2. Sorry I took so long to respond! 3. I may or may not have stared at this prompt all this time because I JUST DON’T KNOW MAN

Edit: I took it too far oops. Is someone surprised? Also I didn’t even get to the lingerie because I was too focused on The Sex. Also I pretty much see Elide just wearing Lorcan’s clothes 24/7 and him constantly aroused from it, so there you go.

X- First time S- Lingerie 

-So, we know that Elide is Thirsty for Lorcan- she was making all the moves after all. But the thing is, she has very, very little experience. I mean she spent the majority of her life locked up with her nursemaid and then was a slave with the sole focus of surviving. What I’m saying is, these circumstances don’t really lend to the opportunity to even discover your own body. I’m not saying that Elide hasn’t had an orgasm, but I think it’s safe to say those times are few and far between.

-Lorcan… on the other hand… Mr. Horny… has 500 years worth of very active experience. 

-As much as I would love their first time to be one of those “heat of the moment” type things after an argument or something, I think it would actually start off quite slow. After Aelin comes back and after Elide has started to thaw again towards Lorcan, they start sleeping in the same room. For the comfort of being close and knowing where the other one is. 

- One night they enter their room after a particularly stressful day and after changing into comfortable clothes Elide becomes quiet and stands staring out the window. Lorcan comes up behind her and places his hands on her shoulders. “Elide?”, her shoulders drop as she says, “How are any of us supposed to make it out of this alive?” 

-“This war is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. But so is the amount of power we have on our side.” He doesn’t try to convince her that it will be fine, that no one will die, or that they’ll even win. He knows her better than that. “Sleep with me tonight”. Lorcan’s hands tighten involuntary. “…What?”.. “I- I mean in the same bed. Sleep in my bed tonight.”

-They lie there facing each other and after a few moments Lorcan sees his hand lift to stroke Elide’s hair. He’s trying to take in every inch of her face to dedicate it to memory. Her eyes keep roving over his face too. He opens his mouth to speak but she beats him. “I love you.” His eyes widen, utter shock painting his features. “Elide-” she cuts him off, “you dont have to say anything. I just needed you to hear it.”

-He moves his hand to cup her cheek, leaning in closer. “Elide, you have turned my world upside down. You are the strongest, most beautiful person I have ever met. I have never, never loved anyone more than I love you”

-It’s hardly any movement at all before she’s kissing him, a hand on his chest. She grabs the back of his neck and drags him forward, pulling him over her. And it’s like they are back in the marshes, his body a heavy weight between her legs. He’s panting just as much as she is, and when he drags his mouth away to lick and nip and suck at her jawline, under her ear, her throat- he starts saying her name over and over and over again.

- It takes him a moment to realize that she’s moved her hands and is tugging on the hem of her shirt, exposing more and more of her pale stomach until he stills them with a growl, “What are you doing”. “I don’t want to wait- I don’t want to take our time. I want this. I want you.”

-His hands fall away and she loses sight of him for a moment as her shirt goes over her head. It takes every ounce of her willpower to avoid crossing her arms over her chest. But when she looks him in the eyes, she realizes that he’s looking into her eyes instead of at her breasts. 

-When he finally looks, and touches, and trails his mouth over her, he takes his time. He works slowly, methodically, until she’s begging him for more. Eventually she grabs the collar of his shirt to pull it over his head.

-After trailing his tongue around her bellybutton, his fingers brush the hem of her pants and he looks up at her. “Please,” is all she says. He slowly drags them down her body and once she’s free of them, he rubs her calves in soothing sweeps, telling her how beautiful she is. 

-”Now you.” She wants to see him, wants them to be even in this- with him as vulnerable as she is. When he takes off his pants, he continues to gaze at her, kneeling between her thighs and aching everywhere. She stares unabashedly between his legs, feeling very uncertain all of the sudden. He cups her face, kissing her, “Elide, let me make you feel good. I want to kiss you everywhere. Let me taste you.” He pulls back enough to look in her eyes as she says, “yes.”

-He moves down her body and finally takes in the view before him while brushing his lips up and down the inside of her thigh. She’s glistening and pink, and when he strokes near her folds Elide’s leg falls a bit wider. Even though he feels like he’s about to combust, he continues his slow pace until he finally tastes her. Slides a finger inside her while licking her in broad sweeps. Moans and whimpers escape her, sounding as if she’s shocked at her own response. When he adds a second finger and focuses his tongue on her clit, her hand shoots out to squeeze his shoulder. “Lorcan, oh gods.”

-When she comes, she throws her head back, her breathing out of control as she cries out. He works her back down again and when he removes his fingers he sucks them clean, his eyes closed. She grabs at him and crushes her mouth against his. 

-He lays down beside her and hefts her over him, placing her astride him. He urges her to rock back and forth against him. And when his hands cup her hips to show her the movement, his cock slips between her lips, pressed between her body and his stomach. Her wetness coats him and she bends over, kissing him and then burying her face in his neck as she continues to grind against him. Now he’s panting and moaning, squeezing his eyes shut- to dull the madness of the pleasure or relish in it he’s not sure.

-When they’re both desperate and she pleads his name, he tells her that she can ease onto him at her own pace if she so chooses. She sits up, a hand braced on his stomach, and lifts his cock to place it at her entrance. She tries to position her hips, tries to lower herself, but she flinches and her shoulders tighten up. He strokes her legs and encourages her to go slow, to take her time.

-When he’s slipped in a couple inches, her hand clenches on his stomach and her eyes are squeezed shut. “Lorcan.” She has a kind of desperate edge to her voice and he lifts her chin to look at him. “Lorcan. I… I need- I can’t-” “Elide, please, my love, we don’t have to do this tonight, we can do whatever you-” “No, I want this. I just- I don’t know how to…” she trails off. “Do you want me to?” “Yes. Please”

-”I’ll be right back sweetheart” Lorcan says as he crawls off the side of the bed. As he rifles around for the jar he’s looking for, he takes a second to calm his breathing. He realizes that he’s nervous and jittery in a way he hasn’t been in a very, very long time. Elide is… everything, and he’s terrified he’s going to hurt her, that he’s going to ruin everything, again.

-When he finds what he’s looking for, he turns around and see’s that she’s lying on her side, facing him, a hand propped on an elbow. He stops cold, feeling some of that nervous energy wash away at how utterly beautiful she looks naked before him. They share a sweet little smile, and he comes back to bed to lie on his side too, facing her. He kisses her, hitching one leg over his, while one of his goes between her legs. They press against each other, Elide sighing into his mouth. He reaches behind him to grab the jar, and she breaks away to look down at it. 

-”This is going to help us a little, alright?” She nods, and he twists off the lid, scooping some out onto one hand and screwing the lid back on with the other so he can toss it over his shoulder. He reaches between them, easing his fingers between her legs, rubbing against her and kissing her neck. 

-At first, the salve feels cool against Elide’s skin, but it soon warms between them, and Elide feels her heartbeat pick up again as Lorcan’s fingers work their way into her, rubbing against every part of her, back and forth. When he pulls his fingers back, she opens her eyes to see him grabbing her leg and hitching her leg higher, pulling her body closer to his. Then his hand is gripping himself, gliding the tip of him against her. She lifts her leg higher to help him and when she feels him pressing into her she looks up. His eyes are blazing into hers and she feels his other hand around her back, the fingertips pressing into her skin.

-She wraps her arms around him, pressing her face into his neck. He pushes in a couple inches and pauses. “Elide, talk to me love, I don’t want to hurt you.” She squeezes him harder at the vulnerability in his voice, “Keep going, just go slow.” His hips tilt, and Elide can feel the pressure increasing inside her. She forces herself to take controlled, deep breaths and hears Lorcan murmuring in her ear. “That’s it. Gods, I love you Elide. You feels so good.”

-Eventually he moves his hand away and wraps it around lower back, his hand resting on one cheek. He begins rocking his hips, the smooth glide easing him in further and Lorcan feels like he may actually explode. Elide is panting against his shoulder and she pulls back enough to drag heated kisses against his mouth, both of them breathless enough that it’s little more than an exchange of air. “Are you alright?” “Yes”

-Lorcan tucks the arm underneath him between her legs, his hand against his pelvis so that his knuckles begin to drag against Elide’s clit. She moans and he pulls her hips closer. They rock together that way, finding their rhythm until Elide cries out and presses her forehead against his. When he feels her contract around him, he realizes that this slow love making is all it’s going to take, that this closeness and her tight squeeze around him is all it’s going to take to make him come too. 

-They remain that way, tangled up together for what feels like hours, seconds. They move only slightly, repositioning their legs, Lorcan’s arm under Elide’s neck, when sleep drags them both under.

do you guys remember cookie from ‘atlantis: milos return’ (not the first one)? remember his crotchety old man voice?

well that’s actually the same voice as this crotchety old man

EDIT: Steven Barr, Wrex’s voice actor, only plays Cookie in ‘Atlantis: Milo’s Return’ after the passing of his original voice actor. The link I had originally posted was from a scene from the first movie (I thought it was from the second for some reason?)

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that guy in the red with the little mousey pet is Tyto from Gigantic! He's (obviously) modeled after a barn owl, and he's really cool too when you notice that he's only got the one arm! Gigantic's got some really really cool characters, you should totally check them out!

yes I figured out who he was after some digging! I was not aware that he only had one arm, though. and some of the skins he comes in, oh my goddddd




I love this bird man