maneating plant


Destructive Power: A
Speed: A
Range: B
Durability: B
Precision: C
Development Potential: A


so yeah i made myself a stando. this is a collab with my bf, @longdongjojo69 , who did the lineart while i colored. we both designed it together, and i’m really proud of how it came out. we’re probably (definitely) gonna do more stuff like this so look forward to it

The Scarlet In-Between: Chapter 1: Conduit (Kylo Ren x Reader fic)

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Authors note: This is the first chapter in a story I’m gonna write, usually I try to write the entire thing before I post anything but hell I’m too excited. 

warnings: mild language (there will be violence later on and most definitely smut, so if that isn’t your cup a tea don’t get attached to this story)

Chapter 1: Conduit. 

“Where did you find her?” Kylo Ren asked staring at a blurry figure on the screen, a girl with y/c hair and a smudgy face. Both her arms held behind her back by stormtroopers.

"Planet 4651, uncharted territory- we scanned it. she was the planet’s only sentient inhabitant” she had been left there- hidden away where no one would find her. In a small trinary star system where she had no one to talk to. She must have been lonely he thought before he could stop himself-  he shoved away all thoughts of concern for the girl.

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Dammit I somehow didn’t realize before that maneating plants seem to be egg-shaped half the time, even in things which predate the LSoH film. It must be one of those fantasy creature design cliches that stretch across the ages.

It is worth mentioning that Little Shop of Horrors first came out as a science fiction film in 1960 and a stage musical in 1982, and Audrey has had the pod shape since the beginning. The 1986 film is just the most famous and frequently referenced version of the character in present society.

As I understand it Audrey II was pointedly designed to look like a cross between an avocado and a flytrap, though.