Cadance: All three of them are symbols of the voices of the empire, but primarily Dawns since shes the leader. This gets carried over for the most part pretty faithfully if the focus is on telling the story, this is mostly to make the rest of the story have a greater impact.

Mod: ((The colors on this kicked my ass, but in this panel Dawn is a Longma. A longma is a dragon/horse hybird, drawn in Lauren Faust’s style from Them’s Fightin’ Herds.

Fun Fact: Lauren has stated that Discord is meant to be half dragon half horse like the word Dracon Equus implies. If she had known of Longma while she was designing Discord then he would have been a Longma as opposed to the species she made for him.))


friendly reminder that those guys who where making that My Little Pony fighting game that Hasbro shut down is still working on a fighting game of a similar theme. i gotta say i’m in full support for a fighting game where you play as cute feminine creatures, even if it’s not mlp. plus look at their cow character she is great.  get your kickstarter accounts ready folks. 


Arizona vs Velvet - Gameplay Teaser

Mane6’s Them’s Fightin’ Herds - Crowdfund starts September 21.

Disclaimer: This is an early development build. Everything shown here. inlcuding, but not limited to music, character design, character colors, background design and colors, and gameplay and mechanics, is subject to change and might not reflect the final product.

M6 also on

More pony! The last one for now (I think)

Actually this is just an excuse to draw Fluttershy as adorable hippie. I know AJ wouldn’t wear a dress while working on a farm, but she’s just hanging out with her friends on a summer day! (I think she’s the easiest to humanize but the hardest to make up an outfit for that isn’t too stereotypical.)


Hey guys. Just giving a shoutout to Developers Mane6, The creators of the upcoming fighting game Them’s Fightin’ Herds. It was originally a game called My Little Pony: Fighting Is Magic before they were sent a Cease and Desist letter and had to halt all production.

Lauren Faust(producer and developer of MLP:FIM) is helping support this new game, helping to provide backstory, characters and lore.

They still need to raise a substantial amount for development in 10 short days, so if you’re a fan of fun, extremely fluid four-legged fighting games, take a look. $15 nets you the game plus a bunch of little goodies.

Here is a demo video of the gameplay:


Each one of us has something special that makes us different, that makes us rare! We have a light that shines within us that we were always meant to share. And when we come together, combine the light that shines within, there is nothing we can’t do, there is no battle we can’t win! When we come together, there will be a star to guide the way, it’s inside us every day.


Them’s Fightin’ Herds - Crowdfund live now!

Hey everybody!

It’s time to kick this thing into high gear, and we have just the Key Keeper to help. She’s the fastest and most furious in Fœnum and we can’t wait to get to working on her. She stylishly completes our initial roster of six champions, so let’s go! Introducing the badass Longma, Tianhuo!


High above the clouds atop the highest of mountains lies the diminutive Empire of Huoshan (known to other Fœnecians as The Volcano), built over the gaping maw of an active, lava-spewing crater. The Empire’s subjects are Longmas, a very proud race who are half horse, half dragon. Every Longma is a member of the military, sworn not only to protect their beloved Empress (Daughter of Heaven, Empress of the Miniscule yet Mighty Realm of Magnanimous Magma, Lava, and Fire) and their honored volcanic home, but all of Fœnum itself.

It took the Empress not even a moment to make her choice for Key Keeper. Her name is Tianhuo, and amongst her people, she is undoubtedly the greatest the noble half-breeds have to offer. As Captain of the Imperial Guard, Tianhuo is the frontline defender of her Royal Highness!

For certain she is an intimidating sight, emitting stoic confidence, but not a hint of arrogance. She has no disdain for her opponents. In fact, she greatly admires skill and strength and cannot enjoy a duel unless she faces a combatant who offers her a challenge… and it takes quite a combatant to stand up to her bat-winged, aerial attacks or the force of fire she is able to magically conjure when she reaches her greatest speeds. Indeed, not many are even able to get past the daggers that shoot from her fiery, dragon eyes when she stares you down. No one is more disciplined, no one more determined, and even the Predators’ Champion should beware. Gameplay: Tianhuo, Captain of the Imperial Guard strikes from above, below and all around! Flexible, aerodynamic, and explosive, she is a real firecracker!

Flight-based attacks keep your opponent’s head in the clouds! Cancel any and all of your attacks into her Firecracker Magic attack to overwhelm your opponents, or use it to move quickly across the stage.

Greenlight & Steam

And here we go! Our Greenlight campaign is live.

For those of you who’re not quite sure what Greenlight is, here’s a short explanation. Greenlight is the method that indie games (such as ours) must go through in order to get self-published in the Steam platform. If you have a publisher, you get to skip this step, but since we’re 100% indie, we need to go through it.

What Greenlight does is puts the vote up to the steam community on which games should be going up on Steam. Once your Greenlight campaign has garnered a certain amount of interest, you’re allowed to publish your game on Steam, which, for us, would be a really good thing.

Not only would this make the distribution of digital keys easier, it would also mean we get to use Steamworks, which would allow us to distribute the game keys and the in-game rewards more easily, to add achievements, improve on the graphical lobby’s infrastructure, make updating and patching the game a lot smoother, and, very importantly, it would allow us to do a closed beta testing period for the backers of Them’s Fightin’ Herds. If we do make it on Steam, everyone who has pledged, or pledges from then on to the Early Settler tiers and above will receive their digital key via Steam. Backers on the Guardian Sheepdog and above pledge tiers would also get an invite to participate in a closed, backers-only beta testing period for Them’s Fightin’ Herds prior to the game’s launch.

So here’s where everyone comes in. By going to the link in here, and responding to yes to the “Would you play this game if it were available in Steam?” let’s the folks at Valve know you’re interested in the game getting released through Steam. Once it reaches a certain amount of exposure, as mentioned above, we’ll be allowed to publish through Steam, so if you want to see it happen, please consider helping us there!

Our animator really laid his eye upon the design of Paprika the Alpaca created by Lauren Faust and tried to imagine one of her light attacks. But things got out of hand pretty quickly and he ended up with this.

For those of you unaware - Paprika is a character from an upcoming game Them’s Fightin’ Herds. It is being crowdfunded at the moment and hopefully they’ll collect enough money for it! If you wish to learn more,


These guys do an amazing job and are a real inspiration for us, so go and support them! If they succeed, that just might inspire us even more and give a drastic boost to our own game development ;)