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So for your wedding party did you guys invite the human world version of your friends to attend?

Yep! The human mane6 + Cadence’s family was invited from beyond the mirror

Another month, another stream. We’re reaching the end of the planned development cycle, too, so this might be one of the three last major work streams we make (at least before we dip into the additional crowdfunded material)

This month, we’re scheduling the work stream for next Friday, February 24, as usual, at 3PM pacific Time, in our Twitch Channel.

We’ll see you all there!


The archive for last Friday’s stream is now up on youtube! 

S1E23: The one where Rainbow Dash flew so fast all of her friends went through puberty.

Does anyone else feel like Twilight’s entrance exam was a bit harsh? Ponies don’t seem to know much about dragons, so I’d be surprised if any of the proctors could hatch a dragon egg. Is it supposed to be like the Kobayashi Maru?


friendly reminder that those guys who where making that My Little Pony fighting game that Hasbro shut down is still working on a fighting game of a similar theme. i gotta say i’m in full support for a fighting game where you play as cute feminine creatures, even if it’s not mlp. plus look at their cow character she is great.  get your kickstarter accounts ready folks. 


Drew these a few years ago when I first got illustrator to practice how to vector. MLP stuff I have drawn in the past is getting popular again, so decided to upload these lil gals here. You have no idea how many folders I had to go through to find the files guys. The fluttershy file has been lost in the 300 gb mess of my art folder, so had to yoink that from my DA.  Pinky I had originally drawn in a gala dress as well, but I never finished that because it just looked terrible- so 80′s cafe…thing for her. Funny enough, the Pinky Pie one is forever hanging up on a wall at my old college and the only one of these that I still like.