mane maintenance

This costume has sold! 

Completed a Hawk! Just in time for Anthrocon! This is in fact FOR SALE! 

Serious inquiries only! If you don’t have the money yet, please save up for next time! 

  • This mask was made off a resin blank, modified with air light epoxy for a blunter beak. Uses a super soft fur, with hand a wefted mane. Markings in airbrush. 
  • The ornaments in the hair are easily removed by bending away, underneath is a rubber band that can be cut off or removed for mane care and maintenance. 
  • The ear gauges are not removable.
  • Hidden zipper in the back. 
  • Gloves are elbow length spandex gloves, with resin claws, and airbrushed scale details.
  • Art is a hand drawn concept art piece, influenced by Goldenwolf and Darknatasha. Done in graphite and white pencil on grey toned paper.
  • Head fits anywhere between 22.5 inches and 23.5 inches. 

$1,500 for the mask and pencil art. 

$1,700 for the gloves included. 

I DO take payment plans, and can bring it to Anthrocon. There is no chin cup inside, awaiting the buyer’s head size. 

The heads I make are very light, and ornamental. This means they are not prepared for heavy wear/interaction with surfaces. It is not LARP friendly, and one should avoid keeping inside a car, and must be stored properly in a space that is room temperature. 

Please EMAIL with questions!