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The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas

From The Wind’s Twelve Quarters: Short Stories by Ursula Le Guin

With a clamor of bells that set the swallows soaring, the Festival of Summer came to the city Omelas, bright-towered by the sea. The rigging of the boats in harbor sparkled with flags. In the streets between houses with red roofs and painted walls, between old moss-grown gardens and under avenues of trees, past great parks and public buildings, processions moved. Some were decorous: old people in long stiff robes of mauve and grey, grave master workmen, quiet, merry women carrying their babies and chatting as they walked. In other streets the music beat faster, a shimmering of gong and tambourine, and the people went dancing, the procession was a dance. Children dodged in and out, their high calls rising like the swallows’ crossing flights, over the music and the singing. All the processions wound towards the north side of the city, where on the great water-meadow called the Green’ Fields boys and girls, naked in the bright air, with mudstained feet and ankles and long, lithe arms, exercised their restive horses before the race. The horses wore no gear at all but a halter without bit. Their manes were braided with streamers of silver, gold, and green. They flared their nostrils and pranced and boasted to one another; they were vastly excited, the horse being the only animal who has adopted our ceremonies as his own. Far off to the north and west the mountains stood up half encircling Omelas on her bay. The air of morning was so clear that the snow still crowning the Eighteen Peaks burned with white-gold fire across the miles of sunlit air, under the dark blue of the sky. There was just enough wind to make the banners that marked the racecourse snap and flutter now and then. In the silence of the broad green meadows one could hear the music winding through the city streets, farther and nearer and ever approaching, a cheerful faint sweetness of the air that from time to time trembled and gathered together and broke out into the great joyous clanging of the bells.

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Since I’ve just been through Harvey, for all my Florida followers - here are some tips.

- NO HALTERS. I don’t care if it’s a breakaway, just leave them off.
- NO STALLS. Your horses are safer out. They may get some cuts and scrapes, but that’s easier to fix than a drowned horse.
- Cattle tags can be braided into the mane and tail, and can hold a lot of info, including a phone number and your name. They’re also waterproof if you write in permanent marker. Livestock paint and numbers on the hooves WILL wash off. Luggage tags will get wet. Your best bet is either cattle tags or dog tags braided into manes AND tails, and if you’re having trouble, you can use rubber bands to secure them.
- If you have to evacuate quickly, you can fit more horses in a trailer if you pack them nose to tail and take out the dividers of your trailer. A stock type trailer will fit more. It’s not ideal, but emergencies call for desperate measures.
- If you don’t need to evacuate, remember not to blanket your horses. They’re going to be shivering. They will be wet. Let them be. A blanket, even a waterproof one, will not hold up in this kind of storm and will ultimately make them colder. By the time they’re shivering they will be too wet to dry off. Plus, it will most likely be around 60-70 degrees which is too warm to blanket. If you cover them they will sweat and make themselves sick.
-HAY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN FEED. Make sure your horses are well stocked on forage before the storm, because it might be too dangerous for you to get out and feed them. A few days without feed will not hurt them - a few days without forage will.
-Make sure your troughs are full or close to full before the storm. Waterlines may break and you want to be sure your animals will have water for a few days.

That’s all I can think of right now, but please stay safe. Also feel free to add to this list.

bornwithgasolineheart  asked:

Omg dude I love your regency!AU!!!! Can you imagine Bucky waking Tony up early in the morning, acting all weird and suspicious with a bag full of something as he guides the omega through unknown hallways and Tony is so confused. And then, they're outside the stables and Tony is even more confused but at the same time elated like, "are we going to feed the horses?" and he's so happy for that but bucky just smiles and says, "it's even better than that".

They go in and they’re met with horses neighing. Tony, of course, goes to pet every horse he can see and Bucky patiently waits for him before leading him to the most beautiful creature he has ever seen- a giant, chestnut horse, that’s Tony’s and only Tony’s, his to name and care for and train. And Tony can only stare as Bucky gives him the bag, that was actually full of horse treats like apple slices a d carrots.

The morning is spent on learning how to take care of a horse, like grooming and feeding, etc. Bucky teaches the omega how to ride other than sideways and this is how morning rides with Bucky start. Steve occasionally joins them, but this will remain their special time Sorry for the long rambling but your AU got me going and I just had to share this

Okay but in the morning when Bucky comes and wakes him, Tony gasps and pulls the blankets up over his head. “James! I’m not dressed!” And Bucky being like “You’re wearing more than I do when I spar??” But then he rolls his eyes and sighs and says “Just–get dressed and meet me outside.” He pauses, then adds, “Put on something that you don’t mind getting dirty.” And Tony does, wondering just what they’re going to do that he needs to worry about getting dirty (gardening?) but then he balks because Natasha’s not there. “This is inappropriate! Her Majesty will be upset!” (Tony has no idea Sarah has put these rules in place for Tony’s sake and not for Steve and Bucky. Tony’s a delicate flower.) “Then we just won’t tell her,” Bucky tells him slowly, and then grabs his hand and begins dragging him down the hallway.

And Tony is so nervous, so afraid of being caught, so he keeps his mouth shut and follows silently. He doesn’t recognize most of these hallways and for a moment he feels a thrill of real, bone-chilling fear–but Bucky wouldn’t hurt him. (He mostly believes this. But there’s a little niggling doubt.) He’s even more confused when he’s led outside but then–then he hears the shuffling of hooves, the sound of lips flapping–he’s only heard them a few times but he knows this is what horses sound like. Tony clings to Bucky’s hand, nearly vibrating with excitement. He gets to give the horses apples.

Except apparently he doesn’t? Bucky didn’t bring apples? But that’s okay because apparently too many apples is bad for them and Tony gets to pat each one’s face and coo at them as they walk through the stables. They all have names, some sillier than others, and he giggles over “Cigar” and “Dr. Fager” and “I’ll Have Another” and  “Mr. Prospector.” He even gets to meet Steve’s silver and gray horse, The Captain, and Bucky’s beautiful black, white-stockinged mare, Red Star.

“This one has no name yet,” Tony says sadly, admiring the beautiful chestnut. It probably just doesn’t have a name marker yet. It’s probably something strong, like Admiral or Man o’ War. “Well that’s because you haven’t named him,” Bucky tells him gently. “Oh.” Tony strokes his palm over the horse’s nose a few times before whipping back toward him. “Wait what?!” “He’s yours,” Bucky says, and then hands him the bag, and Tony fumbles but then he opens it and sees apples and manages a stuttered, “You said they’d get colic–” “Unless it’s moderated. A couple apples as a treat every once in a while won’t hurt them.” Tony’s eyes widen as Bucky whips out a knife, flips it in the air to hold the handle out to him. “It’s better if you cut the apples up, too, so they don’t choke.”

Bucky shows him how to groom the horse, assuring him that they have a farrier to look after its hooves, laughs a little when Tony takes the time to carefully braid its mane. He needs to give the horse one pail of grain in the morning for breakfast. The couriers take care of the second pail of oats in the evening when the horses are brought in from the pasture. You need to put the saddle blanket up higher or he’ll whip it back off. This is how you put on the saddle–

“This–this is the wrong kind of saddle, Bucky, wait, this is–Bucky it’s wrong wait!” Tony grabs his arm but Bucky just draws the belts tight anyway, gives the saddle a tug to make sure it’s on firmly. “No, this is the right kind. You’re gonna learn to ride a horse like this.” And Tony stares up at him, uncomprehending, before he leans in and whispers, “But won’t it make me unable to have children?” “Why the–” Bucky takes a breath. He has learned to hide his first reaction to the terrible things Tony has said. “No, honey. Omegas can ride horses like this and still have children.” “Are you sure?” “Sarah rides horses like this all the time and had Steve.”

Bucky saddles Red Star and helps Tony get on the horse outside the stables. He clutches the reins with white knuckles and keeps looking at Bucky for reassurance as he carefully walks the chestnut around. Then he gets a little confident, starts sweet talking his horse, calling him sweetheart and honey and buttercup. “How about we try a trot?” Bucky offers, and shows Tony how to urge his horse faster. They get up to a canter that Tony is delighted by before they have to head back in, and he shows Tony how to wipe his horse down and give him water. The couriers will put him out to pasture with the other horses.

To absolutely no one’s surprise, this giant, spirited chestnut ends up with the name ‘Sweetheart.’


LOTR CHAPTERS: THE TWO TOWERS - Chapter Two: The Riders of Rohan

Their horses were of great stature, strong and clean-limbed; their grey coats glistened, their long tails flowed in the wind, their manes were braided on their proud necks. The Men that rode them matched them well: tall and long-limbed; their hair, flaxen-pale, flowed under their light helms, and streamed in long braids behind them; their faces were stern and keen. In their hands were tall spears of ash, painted shields were slung at their backs, long swords were at their belts, their burnished shirts of mail hung down upon their knees.

looks like I have another pile of Briggs headcanons so here you go!!

  • Despite his size, Buc can be impressively stealthy and light on his feet. This has led to a lot of startled soldiers. Sometimes it’s an accident.
  • New transfers to the fort, regardless of age, are affectionately referred to as “cubs” by their superiors, who are very protective of them starting immediately.
  • To the inhabitants of the fort, anyone living south of Briggs counts as a “southerner”, including the residents of North City, who endure their share of good-natured teasing. Anyone who brings up the fact that Briggs itself is south of Drachma will be met with an indignant look and a quick subject change.
  • Falman was transferred to Briggs from Northern HQ after Miles crossed paths with him on a North City supply run and took note of his quick thinking and impressive memory skills. He mentioned this to Olivier back at the fort, and she suggested the transfer right away.
  • The horses of Fort Briggs are very well cared for and used mostly for long-distance patrols. Many of the stablehands are young people from North City who were happy to find an employment opportunity close to home.
  • Some of the horses are used by various soldiers, while others belong to individuals; Buc favors a huge draft mare and takes delight in braiding her mane and tail, complete with bows to match his own. He also sneaks her sugar cubes from the breakfast table.

A Sebaciel one-shot.

Warnings: underage, dark themes, animals death, Explicit sexual content. 

Summary:  Ciel lived in a small village where they sacrificed a person to the gods every spring, this year he was the sacrifice.

A/N: Thanks to @lovemyciel for cheering me on, I wouldn’t have finished this without her much appreciated support. Love you mimi-chan <3. Feedback is the reason I live.

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When he was five, Ciel had watched the villagers slaughter a sheep, they placed it -it because if it’s a he we can’t hurt it anymore- on the hard, unyielding rock that served as an altar and made a gash through its throat.

Blood, shining crimson, flowed down on the altar, coloring everything red.

Drip, drip, drip.

So much blood.

The only thought in his mind was that the sheep didn’t fight, it lowered its head, accepted its fate. His people said it was a good omen, the gods were happy with them, and they were lying. There was no God, only demons, Ciel knew. He saw him, eyes like the blood spilled from the poor animal, hair dark like an angry night, and he was laughing. He wanted Ciel to come to him.

Ciel didn’t.

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equestrian asks

1. dappled/fleabitten or ‘plain’ greys?
2. what are three facts about your horse?
3. are your parents 'horsey’?
4. long or short manes & tails?
5. favorite type of mane/tail braid?
6. favorite horse show to spectate online or in person?
7. favorite horse show to show at?
8. favorite saddle brand?
9. black or brown tack?
10. favorite genre (or specific songs) to listen to while riding at home/before showing your horse?
11. do you ride w/ a helmet or no helmet?
12. favorite equestrian youtubers/bloggers?
13. age/breed/discipline of your horse?
14. what do you typically eat the mornings of a horse show?
15. favorite horse markings?
16. your opinion on saddle seat?
17. favorite discipline to watch?
18. favorite discipline to ride?
19. your dream horse would be/looks like?
20. your opinion on grooms?


Dear Pony.Town Staff, 

These are absolutely free for you to use. I made these in hopes that you’ll apply them to your game in some way so that the users of your game have even more customization options. I do not require payment for these. You can use them for free in your game, even the ideas for them or the actual art itself.

Pictured above in picture 1 (From left to right):
Spiky Tuft, Spiky Tail - Curly Puff, Cotton Tail - Braided Mane, Braided Tail - Bubbly Mane, Bubbly Tail - Faux Hawk, Windswept Tail - Wet Mane, Fish Tail

Pictured above in picture 2 (From left to right):
Paint - Chestnut - Zebra - Scars - Deer - Dapples

I did NOT draw the base for this. It belongs to Pony.Town staff.
However, I did draw the manes, tails, and markings.

If you’d like to see these in game, please reblog!