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Jim, if you could do ANYTHING for a job, money not being a limiting factor, what would you choose to do?

Oh Mandy; the realms of fantasy are a wonderful thing to visit of an evening, so thank you for the question.

Firstly, I think it is important to state that I know myself to be a foolish man (hush).

I didn’t take opportunities when they presented themselves and failed to apply myself in those few areas where the rudiments of potential did glimmer (if only coyly and when examined under a magnifying glass).

If I had the time, I would dearly love to write more. I have few skills worth the name, but occasionally, just occasionally, I’ve looked back on a literary attempt with something approaching …satisfaction? That doesn’t sound right….fulfilment?

Well, anyway, there has been enough there for me to linger on the thought of it all.

I’ve talked about this before, and have admitted freely that these tenuously assembled pieces of mine are by no means the finished article. Fine. I can get a little pretentious, a little over excited, a little wordy.

But if I had the time and resources; to practice and polish, to travel and be in the world, with only a pen and paper to occupy myself, wouldn’t that be something?

To write on a myriad of subjects.

Certainly a pleasant thing to think about.

(That or open a little cafe somewhere…I could write on the side…it would be perfect).


HAPPY NEW YEAR, my lovelies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May your year be filled with lesson learned, rewards earned, love fulfilled, laughter, new friends, amazing memories; I hope you have the time of your life and take risks to make mistakes and recover from them to further yourself. My friends, and those that have become family on here have made the last half of this year unforgettable. On the bad days, the good days, and the worst days, you have been there lifting my spirits and helping keeping them lifted. Without you I don’t even want to imagine what I would be like rn. Even if 2015 was not my favorite year in so many aspects, you guys made at least some of it my favorite.

Just a special shoutout to my main fam

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And of course, to all my followers, you are the best and so I wish you the best year 2k16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Yes, that is 16 exclamation points to emphasize!)

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I just had a phone interview for a PhD position yesterday. And then got invited to do an in-person interview and campus visit. And then was told to go ahead and apply to the graduate school. AND THEN was told he wants to get me a certain fellowship so I have a deadline for application materials. Meanwhile, I am still finishing up my M.S. THINGS ESCALATED SO QUICKLY!

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