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Mandy Moore at D23 Expo with a message to the Tangled fans!

Via @tangledseriestv on Instagram.

Created with: Photoshop CC 2015
Project Duration: 8 Hours

Been working on this for a while now…  My own fan art in celebration for the up coming Tangled Before Ever After, and Tangled The Series. Inspired by the new song, “Wind in my hair.”


Thanks in advance for watching and sharing!

I was going to have the first bit of footage I showed to the world be the trailer, but with Net Neutrality in jeopardy, it’s probably better to start showing stuff sooner rather than later.  Plus, you guys are cool, so… why not?

This is just a collection of almost-finished FX shots I put together and slapped some sound on.  As you can see in posts below, I’ve been working on getting the full-sized bus set ready while I wait on the final puppets to come in.  Until those last pieces are in place, I’ve just been working on vehicle FX and getting my ducks in a row.

Most of these shots are from an early sequence where our heroes are escaping Beverly Holes Maximum Security Prison.  The prison itself is in the last long shot.  Nothing is final, so don’t get clingy.

More to come!


Some new Tangled the Series script spoilers, courtesy of Mandy’s Instagram!

The first image features a storyboard of Rapunzel and Cassandra, with a script reading:
“Okay, I’m sort of regretting my whole "edgy” thing right now"
“I know how we can get across.”

The second image features Rapunzel saying “You clod!”

Frankly, I am so excited to see who that someone is! Is it Eugene? Cassandra? Lance? Or someone we haven’t met?