Connected (Ch. 4)

Summary: How does Mandy react when she finds Ian and Mickey together?

Word Count: 1153

Notes: Gonna start Ch. 5 soon :)

It’s been a few weeks since Ian and Mickey had first came out to each other and hooked up, and though it may be crazy to say, their relationship had grown closer than ever. For anyone who thought they were close before, now knows how inseparable they really are. Luckily, neither of them come across as gay to anyone around them— they just come off as really, really good friends.

The closeted couple were currently at the Milkovich house. Terry took Iggy, Colin, and Jamie on a run, and Mandy was with some guy, probably fucking, so they finally had a house to themselves.

Atop of Mickey’s bed, the dark haired boy was straddled on top of the redhead. They were sloppily making out— twisting their tongues together and biting at each other’s lips. The only time their mouths would unlatch was so they could get some air.

Mickey started to fumble with Ian’s belt buckle. Just on que, the ginger lifted his hips so that his pants could be pulled down. Once his bottom half was bare, he took off his shirt and watched Mickey strip down. Both of their hearts fluttered as they took in the beautiful sight in front of their eyes.

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