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Rockman X / Mega Man X
Publisher: Capcom, Nintendo (EU)
Developer: Capcom, Capcom Production Studio 1 (PS2/GCN), Rozner Studios (DOS)
Platform: Super Famicom / Super Nintendo Entertainment System, MS-DOS, PlayStation 2, GameCube, Mobile, iOS, Android
Year: 1993 (SFC), 1994 (NA/EU SNES), 1995 (NA DOS), 1996 (JP DOS), 2006 (NA PS2/GCN), 2007 (Mobile), 2011 (iOS, Android)

Today (October 24, 2017), American stage and television actor Robert Guillaume passed away from prostate cancer. He was 89. 

He was best known for his role as Benson on the TV series Soap, as well as its spin-off Benson. Though I, having grown up in the 90s, best know him as the voice of the shaman mandrill (yes, not a baboon) Rafiki from The Lion King film series.

I feel as if I have lost an old teacher, a mentor, purely because of Guillaume’s portrayal of Rafiki; he was that funny and inspirational voicing that wise, wacky primate.

During these tough times, let’s remember to live by Rafiki’s words of wisdom. They may just reveal your destiny. 

(Image not mine, sourced from here).

Previously, in Yuuri wants money but Victor lifts him instead.


“Money is important.“

“But I can show you something better.“



(Included because yours truly likes to look at skating boots.)

“Here we go.“

“Careful, ok?“

“I trust you.“

“Of course, Yuuri.“

Victor lifts Yuuri.

“Does it remind you of a story?“

“Where a mandrill lifts a newborn lion?“

“And you are that lion, Yuuri?“

“Because you deserve the blessing–“

“–and I love you.“

What, you expect Yuuri is able to pull off a revenge sequence when I have none of said sequence? (ง ื▿ ื)ว