mandrill is

If you really want your brain to bleed consider: today I saw a self-described fascist lecturing people on how violence was a bad form of communication and that antifa are “pussies” for “breaking things”

unlike, presumably, the fascists who historically have no interest in violence whatsoever.

I’d do the [flicks lights on and off] welcome to hell! thing except this isn’t even normal Hell this is like fucking Hieronymus Bosch Hell. A giant butcher knife with ears just walked past and told me that violence wasn’t the answer uwu and I don’t know how to deal with it


@wholesome-week ‘s “AU of choice” prompt gave me a good motivator to finally finish this up. Basically my roleswap’s version of ‘mewberty”.  Compared to the last time I’ve drawn this mandrill-like design Mars has a rather amusing addition.(it’s the butt) Despite the monstrous appearance he’s still a big dork, just an extra fuzzy one for the day. 

I should point out that Roleswap!Marco’s/Mar’s “Sun’s awakening” is heavily inspired from Dragon Ball’s Great Ape form. That, combined with some cutesy ‘carebear’ elements to both soften the design and better match svtfoe.