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Because Of Snape// Fred Weasley smut

Warnings: Smut and swearing

Word Count: 2200+

Pairing: Fred X Reader

Requested: By 2 anons and @my-unique-mind

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Hate colors the soul with the finest of paints. It flows throughout the entire system, shutting down all other feelings, and becoming the focus of the life and the intent of a person. You turn your attention to other matters. For a time you’re driven in other directions, but then the wave of ill thoughts return with a retaliation. He was so annoying, loud, and irrelevant, yet, he made himself seem so important. Once again the soul is colored completely, and all the negative energy that one can muster is thrown into the imagined ill will racing wildly around the mind.

Snape liked Slytherin students more than any other house. But when he began to take a liking to a well behaved Ravenclaw student, it was a surprise. Fred Weasley was sure to make fun of you for it. Always teasing you about how you were in Snape’s good graces and how you slept with your teachers to get to the top. Fred made you so angry, you felt more hatred for him than you felt for Draco Malfoy. Fred thought of making you angry as an art, a subject he always got O’s on. So when you had potions class together at second period, he was sure to make it hell.

Snape left his room for less than a minute and Fred was already starting trouble with you. He was a table ahead and undoubtedly he turned around and started to cause a fuss. Instead of saying some vulgar remarks, he drops a mandragora root into your potion. With a splash, your bright blue potion turned dark purple. You looked up to the two snickering boys.

You wanted to cry. This was a hard potion; it was all going right until he came and messed it up. You glared at Fred madly as George looked at him with a warning stare. George knew better than to mess with a girl that was possibly smarter than Granger herself.

“HOW DARE YOU?” You yelled at him causing half the class to look at you and the other half to chuckle. They already had gotten used to the bickering. “You think this is funny?” you snap. He glares at you with hate in his dull eyes.

“You are an extremely stupid girl. Aren’t you? I’m guessing your mother had it in with Snape?”

Every time he opened his mouth you got angrier. You had to restart the potion before Snape got back or you would lose you status with him. You could not afford to lose a relationship with a guarded teacher that you worked five years to build. You worked harder and faster and managed to catch up to the class. Of course, the Weasel kept talking. “That’s not the right way, you’re supposed to put this before this.” You swallowed your retort and kept going.

“You brain-dead cockroach, I’d like to see you get a grade the way I get an O in this class.” Weasley stood silent, getting an O from Snape was unheard of. You looked at his potion and laughed wildly. “Also, your potion is supposed to be a blue color, not dark brown.” As if Snape read your mind he walked into class declaring that he would check everyone’s potions. Fred frantically looked at his potion and threw stuff in. Snape walked to you first.

“Great Y/L/N, I see you have a talent for making potions!” He walked away quietly turning back into his usual dull attitude. He walked over towards Fred’s cauldron and scolded. He took a little wooden spoon and dumped it into the brown sludge. He brought the spoon back to his nose and smelled it. He dropped it back into the cauldron, a frown took over his features. “Perhaps you could take a few pointers from Ms. Y/L/N,” he moved along. You laughed along with the Slytherin folks who were ready to see any and all Gryffindor’s fail. Weasley, however, was not happy.

After a long boring lecture in class, Snape called you and Fred to his desk where he sat down coolly. While the class got their bags and left, you had to stand inches from Fred. Snape gave you an apologetic look and then glanced at Fred.

“I do feel I have to say my apologies to Ms. Y/L/N,“ He spoke looking at Fred. "But you have been decided to help Mr. Weasley study for potions.” You rubbed your temples and sighed.

“Of course Professor Snape, I guess I could find Weasley some time.” You turned towards Fred, giving a warm Ravenclaw smile. Fred narrowed his eyes at you and replied with a cold thank you.

“Thirty points from Gryffindor! You’re lucky she’s helping you study, you might as well fail now, if not.”

Fred shrugged and walked out of potions class with a huff. You followed close behind him, waiting for him to give you a time to come by and study. Although you hated Fred, you could see how much this was killing him more than you.

“Meet me in front of the Gryffindor common room after classes.” He said sharply. You nodded and walked towards your third class.

As always you went to your next class. That night you wanted to hang out with you friends, but because of Fred, you couldn’t. If Fred improved, all the teachers would hear about it and be highly impressed. You always had to think of your reputation even though you hated most classes, teachers, and kids.

You reached the Gryffindor common room and waited by the painting for Fred to come by. Fred showed up in his sweaty Gryffindor quidditch uniform and made you cover your ears so you wouldn’t hear the passcode. As you walked in, he pulled you up the stairs silently to the rooms.

As a boy, he didn’t attract girls. He was skinny and his cheek bones just gave him a somewhat skeletal look. However, he had muscles from quidditch training and his sense of humor was probably the only reason a girl would like him. But when you looked at him all sweaty, you couldn’t deny the urge to think to yourself he was… well, hot.  There was softness in the eyes and gentleness in his smile, but this was hidden deep in your subconscious.

He opened the door and let you walk into his room. You weren’t expecting it to be so tidy, but as expected he had a poster of quidditch teams and some trinkets on the shelves. You walked over to his bed and sat down. You flipped through his last test. You chuckled, Snape didn’t give him much credit, he was quite smart.

“If you’re going to sit there and laugh get out now!” Fred said while looking at you from across the room. You looked at him and rolled your eyes.

“If you sat down and let me tell you what you’re doing wrong maybe I could—”

“I don’t need your help!” He looked at you wildly, walking over to his bed and pushing his book off your lap.

“If you don’t improve, it looks bad on me! I’m staying.” He looked at you from the edge of the bed and scoffed. He couldn’t believe he actually let you even walk through the common room door.

“You’re a know it all bitch, that wants to act all superior to me! Not going to happen.” You glanced at him madly and got up from his bed to leave. You looked at him rashly and smacked him in the chest, he stumbled backward and stared at you with disbelief.

“At least I’m not a trouble making idiot that doesn’t know the difference between wolfsbane and monkshood. I hope your mother is proud of your grades,” You turned to his door and was ready to open it, but you felt a sturdy grip on your wrist and a force turning you around and pulling you into Fred’s chest. He leaned down quickly and caught your lips in a needy kiss. In a second you kissed back, you didn’t know how much you needed him until he had you. He pushed you into the wall and held you there.

He was going to slow, teasing you on purpose. He didn’t want you to get bored, slip away from him. As if under a spell, his gaze was drawn to your lips, parted and full, and the sound of you shallow breathing made him fill up with a fierce longing for you. You kissed him harder, pulling away for a second. He smirked and chuckled darkly.

“You have no power over me,” you hissed. In slow motion, he bent toward you; closing his eyes to caress your mouth with his own.

“You sure about that?” A weak gasp escaped you as his hands slipped up your thighs. The taste of Fred’s soft lips was far more than you bargained for. He let out a raspy groan and with a fierce hold, he cupped the back of your neck and shoved your face into his, gently, possessive in his touch. Your fingers twined in his hair.

Beyond your comprehension,  both your bodies melded into each other with an answering groan, and he was shocked when your mouth rivaled his with equal demand. Desire licked through him setting flames afire. You’ve gripped his arms as ran your nails along his arm.

“You look great when you’re mouth is shut and you’re kissing me,” he whispered. He dropped his hold and exhaled, gouging shaky fingers through disheveled hair.  In a catch of your breath, he took your mouth by force. A faint moan escaped your lips and all resistance fled. It burned away by the heat of his touch and the warmth of his lips.  He was ravenous against the smooth curve of your throat, the soft flesh of your ear. And then in a frantic beat of your heart, he shoved you away. “Get on the bed now.”

You walked over to the bed and sat down willingly. He moved his body over yours, hovering inches above yours. He ground his hips into yours. You moaned out, bucking your hips and begging for more.

“Fred,” You breathed. He pulled off your robe and pulled your hair away from your face. You sat up and reached for your shirt, throwing it off your body. He did the same, you both unbuttoned your undershirts. He pulled down your skirt as you unbuckled his pant belt.  He pushed you back onto the bed. He kissed you breathlessly and pulled down your panties.

He pushed his lips onto yours again. You laid back down and pulled his body down with you. His hands were warm as they traced down your body and towards your heat. He had shoved two fingers into your core. You arched your back as he fingers moved back and forth. You moaned out his name, bucking against him. He curled his fingers inside you, smirking when you screamed.

His hand covered your mouth

“Do you love being my little slut?” He asked tentatively.  Your breaths came out in pants. “Do you want to sit on my face?” he purred. He moved off of you and laid down next to you. He held your waist as you lowered yourself onto him, hissing when his tongue hit your soft skin. He sucked harshly at the sensitive bud of nerves. You knotted your fingers into his soft hair, pulling at it every time he made you climb higher. Without warning he shoved his tongue inside you, groaning when you pulled at his hair to control yourself. You rode his tongue, swiveling your hips to gain the most from the pleasure.

“Fred,” you said weakly. He cocked his head, climbing over you and positioning his member at you. “I’m not done, Y/N. What kind gentleman would I be if I didn’t finish off properly?”

He thrusted into you.

You tossed your head back and whimpered, not expecting him to feel this large inside of you. At first, it was a little uncomfortable, but Fred was patient and gentle, kissing your shoulders softly and slowly pushing inside of you until you were ready.

He then began to thrust and quicken his pace. Once he knew you were comfortable, he pushed his full length inside of you. You moaned Fred’s name, encouraging him. There was a sudden urgency in the room—a rising passion. His hands were gripping your waist tightly, holding you in place. His breath was hot on your neck, and his deep moans ringed in my ear.

Heat flashed down your spine, and pleasure pumped through your veins. Fred groaned as you tightened around him, sending him over the edge as well. He released and then collapsed on the cheap mattress beside you. You rolled around to face him. His eyes were closed and he was breathing almost as heavily as you. Beads of sweat trickled down his forehead and you snuggled up close to him while trying to catch your breath. Fred wrapped his large arms around you and kissed my forehead.

“Should we study the potions now?” His head perked up.

“Of course, darling.”

The Devil’s Grimoire Text 7:          THE RITUAL TOOLS OF THE SATANIC WITCH

Listed below are the Ritual Tools of the Classical Satanic Witch, the Magickal Implements of their Arts and Rites  -I-  many of the earlier entries listed here in the basic requirements will need to be obtained immediately, those detailed in the requirements for the Darker Arts shall not be required till later on in the Initiate’s Journey.


The Power Centre of all Black Magick Workings, the Pentacle which raises and absorbs Infernal Energy growing in power through every practice, a tool which acts as the central point of Energy in Summoning the Dominion of Shadows.

The Magickal Weapon of the Satanic Initiate, used for forging Protections, Banishing and Empowering - also representative of the Infernal Power of Satan and of the authority and power of the Satanic Priest or Priestess.

For the burning of Incenses or Oils conducive to the Infernal Workings taking place.

Sacred Container for Ritual Wine and other important elixirs, also representative of the Black Womb of Lilith and symbolic of the Grail of Knowledge of both Satan and Lilith.

Covering for the Ritual Altar, always Black in colour it may be emblazoned with the Inverted Pentagram or Inverted Cross.

It is tradition in most Magickal Paths that Candles should never be blown out but extinguished by the use of a Candle Snuffer.

Important Ritual implement used in Scrying practices, Necromantic Rites, Evocation, Communion, Invocation Rites and Portal Workings.

For use in Scrying, Remote Viewing and Magickal Workings, the Crystal Pendulum should be of Black Tourmaline, Jet, Onyx or Apache Tear, failing these Clear Quartz will suffice … the Pendulum Should be Consecrated to and Empowered by either Satan, Lilith or your Patron Demon.

A number of small wooden and metal bowls will be needed for certain Rites and Workings.

For holding Ritual Candles.

Candles of Black and Red should be stocked at all time for use as Candles of Illumination and Devotion as well as in Magickal Workings and Rites of Pyromancy.

These are needed for various Workings such as Talismanic Magick and Demonic Markers.

A stock of Crystals will be useful for various Workings - Clear Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Hematite and Jet will be the most frequently used.

To be used in Ritual - Sandalwood, Patchoouli, Tobacco, Cinnamon and Jasmine are the best for Infernal Workings … as most Satanists will know the scent of Sulphur is also Sacred to Satan and His Demons.

For use in the making of Sigils, Seals, Pacts and Talismans and also in the Workings of Satanic Initiation, The Parchment Of Demonic Conjuration and certain Sexual Magick Rites ~ a necessity.

For use in Initiation Rites and certain other Workings.

A collection of various dried herbs will serve the Satanic Sorcerer well when moving forth into some of the dark Arts of Satanic Witchcraft.

STOPPERED JARS/BOTTLES ~ For use in various Magickal Workings and to contain certain Magickal Formulas.


Full Mandragora Roots are used in a number of practices within Black Magick … this plant has power within it connected to the Black Arts more than most people know and carries within its essence a strong Infernal current.

Another necessity for the Classic Satanist who seeks to pursue Rites involving Operations to create various forms of the Homunculus.

Important materials for those seeking to undertake operations connected to the making of the mysterious Golem it its various manifestations.

Any bones you may come into the possession of (human or animal) should be kept as they can be used in various of the Darker Rites of Satanic Witchcraft.

I know this will be seen by many Students of the Satanic Arts as a rather macabre implement but to carry out two powerful Workings within the Secret Arts namely The Bound Hand and The Black Hand Of Glory it is another necessity and one worthy of the effort to obtain.

Semen, blood, menstrual blood, placenta, amniotic fluid, skin, and bones all from the human body are utilized in various Classical Satanic Operations of Black Magick and are important elements of great power.

A wooden Staff inscribed with Sigils or Symbols appropriate to the Workings to be undertaken, particularly in Infernal Elemental Alchemy.

Imperative ingredient in certain Demonic Rites utilizing Necromancy and mergings of Death/Sex Magick.

For the making of Fetishes and Dolls for Image magick and various other Hexing Workings.

Building a selection of Mirrors is also a good idea, particularly some of a larger size and one full length one, this may seem a strange addition to the Satanist’s Implements but they will be of important use in some of the most potent of Satanic Workings.

Skulls will also be needed for certain Workings, in particular those of the Goat and the Raven and a human skull too if possible.

© August2017 Brother Scriniarii

Source of Image ~ Arantza Sestayo


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Description of the character:
Poisonous plant of mysterious forbidden swamps. They say that adult plants drag travelers, who stuck in the quagmire, at the bottom of the bog. This one poisonous plant is too yang so it may be that you will be able to bring up a kind creation of this plant.

Perfumes of Arthur Gauntlet

From his 17th Century grimoire, published by David Rankine

A perfume made of Hempseed and of the Seeds of Fleawort and violet roots and Parsley and (Smallage [Wild Celery]) maketh to see things to come and is available for Prophecy.

A perfume made with Coriander, Saffron, Henbane and Parsley (Smallage) and White Poppy ana [or of equal quantity] bruised and Pounded together. If any shall dig Gold or Silver or any precious thing the ☾ being joined to the ☉ in the lower heaven let him perfume the place with this suffumigation.

A perfume of the Planets. Myrrh, Gostu,[Costum] Mastic, Camphor, Frankincense, Sanders, Opoponax, Lignum Aloes, Alum, Euphorbium, Storax or Thimyam [probably Thyme] ana 1 oz.

A perfume of ☉ yellow amber ½ oz. Musk 12 grains Lignum Aloes 36 grains Lignum Balsam and the berries of Laurel ana 46 grains Of Gilleflowers [another name for Carnation] Myrrh and Frankincense ana 1oz with the blood of a white Cock make pills in the quantity of ½ dram.

A perfume of ☾ Take of white Poppy seeds 1oz of Male frankincense ½ oz. Of Camphor 1oz with the blood of A Goose made in balls

A perfume of ♄ Seeds of Black Poppies and the Seeds of Hoyseami [Henbane] ana 2oz The Root of Mandragoras 1&½ oz The stone Lapis Lazuli [Agrippa’s recipe also gives Lodestone] ½ oz. Myrrh 3 grains with the Brains or blood of A Bat in balls the quantity of 1oz

A perfume of ♃  Seeds of Ash 2oz Lignum Aloes 2oz Storax, Benjamin 1oz Lapis Lazuli 1oz Of the very tips of the feathers of the Peacock Let them be incorporated with the blood of a Stork or of a Swallow or the brain of a hart let there be made a trochisk [tablet or lozenge] in the quantity of a Groat. [Old English silver coin]

A perfume of ♂ Euphorbium, Bedelum [resin similar to Myrrh] 1oz Ammoniac roots of both sorts of Eleborus [Hellebores] ana the lodestone 2 drams Brimstone 1 dram let it be incorporated with the brain of a Crow and with Mans blood of a black Cat make Trochisks 1 dram

A perfume of ♀ Musk 38 grains Amber 21 grains lignum aloes 1oz Red Roses 2oz Red Coral 2oz mingle it with the brain of a Sparrow and the blood of a Boar. Make a Trochisk in quantity ½ dram

A perfume of ☿ Mastic 1oz frankincense 2oz Gilleflowers, pantaphile [Cinquefoil] 2oz ac Lapidi Achate.(With Agate Stone) Incorporate it with the brain of a fox or a weasel and with the blood of A Pie [Magpie] make Trochisk in quantity ½ dram (114)

A perfume of every Planet  Costum  Nucis Muscate [Nutmeg] Lignum aloes ☉ Mastic  Crocum ☿ Cinnamomum  Mirtum [Myrtle] ana 1oz

[Translated from the Latin]
For the Moon we make a suffumigation of the head of a frog dried, the eyes of a bull, the seed of white poppy, frankincense, and camphor, which must be incorporated with menstruous blood, or the blood of a goose.

Besides to Saturn are appropriated for fumes all odiferous roots, as
pepperwort root (the reference in Latin has been changed to costus) etc and the frankincense tree.

To Jupiter odoriferous fruits, as nutmegs, cloves.

To Mars all odiferous wood, as sanderswood, cypress, lignum balsam and lignum aloes.

To the Sun, all gums, frankincense, mastic, benzoin, storax, laudanum, ambergris and musk.

To Venus flowers, as roses, violets, crocus (saffron) and such like.

To Mercury all the peels of wood and fruit, as cinnamon, lignum-cassia,
mace, citron peel, and bayberries, and whatsoever seeds are odoriferous.

To the Moon the leaves of all vegetables, as the leaf Indum, the leaves of
the myrtle and the bay tree.

Know also, that according to the opinion of the magicians, in every good
matter, as love, goodwill, and the like, there must be a good fume, odoriferous, and precious; and in every evil matter, as hatred, anger, misery, and the like, there must be a stinking fume, that is of no worth.

The twelve signs also of the Zodiac have their proper fumes, as Aries hath myrrh, Taurus costum (pepperwort in Agrippa); Gemini, mastic; Cancer, camphor; Leo, frankincense; Virgo, sanderswood; Libra, galbanum; Scorpio, opoponax; Sagittarius, lignum aloes; Capricorn, balsam; Aquarius,
euphorbium; Pisces, red storax. But Hermes describes the most powerful
fume to be, viz that which is composed of the seven aromatics, according to the powers of the seven planets, for it receives from Saturn, costum
(pepperwort}, from Jupiter, nutmeg, from Mars, lignum aloes, from the
Sun, mastic, from Venus, saffron, from Mercury, cinnamon, and from the
Moon, the myrtle.


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