Hello Witches and Wizards! A little baby mandrake for you on the eve of Mr. Potter’s birthday! I’m working sculpture version, and the drawing really helps inform some parts :)

I am just so so excited to dress up and go to my local Barnes and Noble book release party for The Cursed Child tonight! I’ll be going as the lovely Helga Hufflepuff :) What will happen in the 8th story guys!? Ah!! Let’s find out!

I recently made an art Instragram if you are into that :)

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Mischief Managed!

Audrey Benjaminsen 2016

MANDRAGORA: To Sway Another to Your Will

Thou root of Mandrake from Earth’s bed
Shaped and fashioned by my own hand
Become the likeness of the one
Whose will I’ll bend to my command

The Mandrake or Mandragora has been used in various purposes in withcraft and it is known because of its roots resemble a human figure. 

Use this spell when you wish to influence the mind of a certain person. Care must be taken when performing such task as you must do this with full resolve, without any doubts. You are to affect your will to someone else so there should be clarity in your thoughts.



How exciting. I first read about this plant when I was probably around eight years old or younger in a children’s encyclopedia set that I had. The lore around the plant fascinated me. I wanted to find them so bad, but knowing how rare (and not from my country) they were, I thought I would never see one in my life. Now as an adult, I have one blooming beside my bed. Childhood dream come true haha.

Wonderful day. It was beautiful out, so I gathered pots and sat down for some peaceful planting time lol. Repotted sprouts of a White Drake, Lavender, Clary Sage, Rue, Lemon Balm, Licorice, and Angelica.

Hopefully it’s spring soon, so I can put the other like 50 jiffy pellets outside and start some more lol. I’m running out of light and space inside xD.