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The first batch of mandrakes is going up in the shop now!

Also known as gallows, ladykins and brain thief, the root of the mandrake plant has been used for centuries in folk magic. Give it a spot on your mantel for protection, prosperity and fertility for the home. Mandrakes keep your home safe from demons and money placed beside them is said to double.

The shriek that the mandrake emits when being ripped from the ground is rumored to be harmful and even deadly. Lucky for you these chaps have been dug up already!

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1. a narcotic, short-stemmed European plant, Mandragora officinarum, of the nightshade family, having a fleshy, often forked root somewhat resembling a human form. Also known as a mandrake.

2. another name for the May apple.

Etymology: probably via Middle Dutch or English from Latin mandragoras (whence Old English mandragora), from Greek. The form mandrake was probably adopted through folk etymology, because of the allegedly human appearance of the root and because drake (dragon) suggested magical powers.

[Benjamin A. Vierling - Mandragora]


Hey beast friends!

If you’ve been yearnin’ for a root but haven’t seen THE mandrake for you yet, the time of your harvest is at hand!

Mini mandrakes are now available made-to-order to your specifications! The larger size of mandrake will be available too if there’s enough demand for it.

Normally mandrakes are made with tan suede cloth, two eyes and one leaf. You can certainly order a regular mandrake! However, if you’re looking for a more exotic root you can add a third eye, fangs, or extra leaves. They can also be ordered in the “expired mandrake” color of dark gray.

( More options for customization will be available too: capes, holding items on their hands pokemon-style, different colors and such, but not just yet )

Design your dream root today in the Beast Peddler shop!

Finished Delivery Moogle Bag and SALES!

I finally finished my moogle bag! \o/ (I actually finished a week ago but this week I was terribly busy and didn’t have time to post decent pictures) I really like how it ended up. Since my sister anhe-foraz​ and I are in need of money to keep paying the subscriptions and some debts we are planing to take orders of this bag if someone is interested in having one.  

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