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29. So it’s a kids movie, but directed by Takashi Miike? UH OH.

The Great Yokai War (can also be translated as The Great Spook War which is a much better title) is REALLY hard to pin down. It’s a kids film you wouldn’t let a kid see. Well no, it’s like a typical 80s kids fantasy film. Like The Dark Crystal. Remember those people saying the Where the Wild Things Are movie was too scary? If it was released in the 80s it’d have been a children’s classic. I love that movie. ANYWAY.

Here’s how the story goes we find out, Tadashi is a ten year old little boy who wants to be living in Tokyo, then one of THOSE Japanese festivals happen and he’s the chosen one and then the SPOOKS consider him the chosen one you all know how this goes. See he has to fight a BIG EVIL GUY IN A SUIT and his girlfriend Lady Gaga who are making EVIL (apparently they’re stop motion but I thought they were CGI because of how bad they looked I guess I’m an IDIOT) DEMON ROBOT MONSTERS which is a nice contrast to the rubber suited spooks. And I guess he wants to destroy humanity for being dicks. Also there is some hamster mascot thing that’s really creepy.

But hey I’m really tired. This is a good film and I recommend it it’s really dumb and two hours long and entertaining I love it. To sum it up, let me quote what someone had to say about this film like six years ago before they stopped updating forever: “HUGE monsters. CGI. Stop-motion animation. Chiaki Kuriyama. Definite nods to monster movies, Indiana Jones, The Happiness of the Katakuris, Kill Bill, any Japanese hero movie you care to mention, Monkey, and Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away. All that and it doesn’t know when or if to take itself seriously. Or not. Confused?

Don’t watch it dubbed.