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An Alpha!Bucky One-Shot

Character Pairing: Alpha!Bucky Barnes x Omega!Reader

Word Count: 5,109 (oops!)

Warnings: NSFW 18+ EXPLICIT Smut! A/B/O Dynamics, fingering, sexual penetration, slight(?) impregnation kink, unprotected sex, a NSFW gif, some angst (blink and you miss it), language, dirty talk…

A/N: I make my own rules. 

 You smelt him before you saw him.

Your senses came alive when you saw him walk through the main entrance.


He exuded the title perfectly.

This isn’t the first time you had seen him at the museum but this was the closest you had ever gotten to him. He was at the ticket counter, smiling at Mandy as he presented his membership card. The leather jacket he had on moved like soft butter as he put the card in his wallet before it went back into the side pocket.  

Catching a whiff of his scent in the air, you wanted to melt to the floor. Sandalwood. It was earthy and it warmed your whole body.

You could make out his voice from where you were hiding in the gift shop. It was deep and raspy as he talked to Mandy. He took off his baseball hat and ran his fingers through his thick brown hair. He stuffed the hat into the back pocket of his jeans as he laughed at something Mandy had said.

Damn her. You were jealous.

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I don’t know if this has been said about the Jack Dylan Grazer drama but I want to say it for myself so u all get where I’m at with it.

The jokes Jack made or laughed at are not appropriate. That’s a fact. We’re all on the same page there. Another fact is that Jack is 14 years old.

At 14 years old literally no one is fully mature. Literally no one completely knows right from wrong at 14. The difference in mentality and maturity between 14 and 18 or 20 is HUGE. I’m 23 now and I can tell you for sure that I’m not the same person I was at 22, much less 14.

At 14, I was so far from knowing everything about being politically and morally correct it’s not even funny. I laughed at really awful jokes a lot, and made my fair share of them too. Not because I was a bad person, but because I was 14 and genuinely didn’t know any better. But I learned and grew as time went on and now I’m a better person than I was before. Expecting myself to be perfect at 14 was and is still totally unrealistic.

Here’s the bottom line: holding a 14 year old to the same standard as a grown adult is not realistic, and it’s not okay. If Jack was 18 or 19 and was continuing to say/do the things he’s done, then yeah, I’d be frustrated and much angrier. But he’s 14, a minor, a KID. He’s not an adult at any capacity and expecting him to behave like one is not realistic. Does that excuse what he did? Absolutely not. He should apologize and grow from it and better himself for the future. But he is still young. Give him the opportunity to learn and move forward.

And also, I cannot believe I have to make this clarification, but saying that a literal child should kill themselves is so fucked up, especially if you’re an adult telling him to do so. And if I ever see someone saying as such on my dash, I will block you and report you.

Ok highkey Chosen Jacobs should be cast in like a movie musical or something bc that kid can sing and he’s ADORABLE and he can act??? So where is my High School Musical with Chosen as Troy?? My Grease with Chosen as Danny Zuko??? Or just make one for him bc he’s that talented and deserves his own musical where he’s the leading man ok