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First episode of Bake Off and the contestants have already learned to use booze to appease Mary Berry

To the Rescue | Zahra & Mandy

Zahra was concerned the moment she saw that Mandy wasn’t feeling well. The blonde was one of her few close friends and she wanted to do what she could to help. After ending her video game and turning everything off, she grabbed her phone, keys, and wallet, and headed out the door. They didn’t live particularly far from one another which was a blessing and Zahra knew Mandy wouldn’t judge her for her appearance for the night meaning she wouldn’t have to change a thing. As she drove the familiar route, she stopped along the way to pick up soup, hoping it would at least help. Moments later she pulled up, parking in front of Mandy’s place, grabbing her things and heading for the door, slipping inside quietly. “Doll face?” She glanced around as she called out for the other, placing her things on the kitchen counter as she passed. “Your nurse is here!” 


I’ve had Netflix for a week now, and literally all I’ve watched is Season 1 of Gilmore Girls and Seasons 3 and 4 of Supernatural. So basically, at this moment, all Netflix knows about me is that I really like Jared Padalecki. 


Some dodgy pics from the wonderful Stage It event with Jason Manns, Misha, Matt, Rob and special guests Julie McNiven and Mandy Musgrave. Micahel Rosenbaum judged the costume competition! 

There was singing, dancing, Stonehenge Apocalypse and Matt stripping.

It was heaps of fun and over $50,000 was raised for Random Acts which is just incredible! Thing I love most about it was hanging out with everyone via cyberspace, and again is how these guys have become such great friends. and creative collaborators, because of fandom and Supernatural.