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Midnight Valentine: SOULMATE SOIRÉE

Chapter XII: Anything

Part 2

Mandi took Leo and Giles to a dress boutique down in town, claiming it would be the only place to find something in Giles’ size since he was taller than most women, and not exactly built like one.

“Okay Giles,” Mandi said after they’d arrived in the dimly lit store. Giles could only be relieved at the fact there were no other customers in that day. Probably because they didn’t screw everything up with their girlfriends. “Here are your best bets. After trying each on, come out so we can see.” She handed him a mountain of dresses, and Giles briefly wondered how someone of her stature could carry such heavy clothing.

“Why is this so blue?” he asked hopelessly as he was ushered into a dressing room.

After each dress, Giles slowly stepped out for Leo and Mandi to judge his appearance in the dresses they’d picked out once they’d arrived. The dynamic duo turned dresses down for color, not going with his skin tone, not going with his hairstyle or color, not being the right shade for his eyes. His least favorite to hear was when the dress didn’t flatter his body shape, but he simply reminded himself he wasn’t planning on wearing dresses anyway, so he pushed the odd insecurities away and continued his show for the Crawfords.

He stepped out of the dressing room in his last dress, apparently a light wedding dress mostly suggested for summer and beach weddings, and was met with a silence that seemed to stretch on for ages. “Leo? Mandi? Are you going to say anything or…?”

Mandi smiled, turning to meet Leo’s gaze as he simultaneously turned to her. “I think we have the dress.”

Leo smirked, looking back to Giles. “Are you saying yes to the dress?” He started laughing, covering his mouth with the back of his hand as though he couldn’t contain himself. Giles rolled his eyes.

“Well, now that this is over, I just need to set something up with Rayvis for something romantic today since yesterday was a bust—”

“Maybe we should shave your legs too,” Leo said suddenly. Giles felt his heartbeat quicken. He frowned.

“That’s taking it too far! I—”

Mandi rolled her eyes, cutting him off. “Do you want to make it up to Y/N or not?”

Giles only gave a disgruntled huff in response.

“Wonderful! And the salon is only a few shops up the road. Let’s go!”

Twenty minutes, a swipe of a credit card, and a short distance up the road later, Giles was in a private room in the back of the salon. He laid there in what was probably the most compromising position he had ever willingly gone into, ready to have the final shreds of his dignity ripped away. He sighed silently to himself. This is all for Y/N, this is all for Y/N, this is all for Y/N, he chanted over and over in his head.

He felt the sticky, hot liquid slide over his legs, and then the thin sheet be placed over it and firmly pressed in place.

All for Y/N. All for Y/N. All for—




Giles stood at the front of his home with Y/N once more, this time with Leo and Mandi off to the side of him, hopefully shielding him from any watching eyes behind them on the street. It was nearing the time he had last seen Y/N the evening before, and he shuddered at the thought of her angry and hurt expression in his memory. Something that he caused her to feel. Leo and Mandi had repeatedly assured and reassured him that this would definitely work, so he finally knocked on the door once more.

A breeze blew by and he felt his legs shiver at the cold caress of the wind that he was not used to feeling. If only Leo would mess up so I could get him back for this. One day Crawford.

The door opened. There was Y/N, still looking 1000 percent beautiful to Giles in her “lazy day” clothes of sweatpants, baggy shirt (from his drawer), and messy bun. She looked up into his eyes for a moment before seeming to register who he was. When she did, her eyes widened into moons.

“G-Giles…?” she mumbled quietly. He could see her fighting off a smile, and that gave him the courage to go along with what he planned with Leo and Mandi. He gently took her hands in his own freshly moisturized ones.

“Y/N. You truly mean more than the world to me. I’m so sorry for how I got so carelessly obsessed with my work that I forgot about one of the many days of the year I get to give you extra love and care. I want you to know that—”

Suddenly Y/N broke free of his hands and clutched her sides, doubling over in laughter. She was laughing so hard tears were forming in her eyes faster than she could blink them away, but every time she looked at his figure in the doorway, she was overtaken by more laughs. Giles even heard Mandi’s quiet giggle and Leo’s soft chuckle behind him. Y/N leaned forward, still laughing, clutching his exposed arms and laughing a bit more calmly now. She sighed.

“Giles what did you do?” She let out another giggle, looking up into his eyes. He returned her gentle expression with a happy smile.

“Well, as I was attempting to say,” he said, cupping the side of her cheek and using his thumb to wipe away some of the tears from her laughter. “There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to see your smile.” He glanced down at himself in the wedding dress, the purple design almost hard to see with the sun turning everything a golden yellow again. “Even if it means listening to Leo and Mandi.” She laughed again, smiling at his shenanigans. “If you would please forgive me for yesterday, I have a wonderful evening set up for the two of us.”

Y/N looked up at him for a moment, seeming to decide her options, before reaching her hands over Giles’ arms and wrapping them around his neck, pulling him into a kiss. Giles hesitated for only a moment before returning the kiss, it feeling like it was just the two of them.

“Ohh, spicy.”

The moment didn’t last long. Y/N broke from the kiss, laughing into Giles’ mouth at Leo and Mandi’s synchronized words. Giles merely rolled his eyes, and took Y/N’s hand.

“Now, I’ve booked a wonderful carriage ride through Rayvis, complete with dinner, a view, and a violinist to play our music for us as we eat. All we have to do is changed and go. The carriage is waiting for us.” Giles made a move to enter the house, but Y/N placed a hand on his chest, stopping him. She smirked up at him.

“You’re not going to wear this for the rest of the evening?”

Giles narrowed his eyes, hearing the snickers coming from the Crawfords behind him. He searched her face. “Is this really necessary, Princess?”

She pouted up at him slightly. Giles sighed again, knowing there was no escape from this. At least Mandi didn’t take any pictures.

“Okay, let’s go.” Giles closed the door to their home before leading Y/N by the hand to the road where the carriage was waiting.

“Hey Giles!” Leo called a few moments after they passed the two Crawfords. When Giles looked back, he saw Mandi with her phone out, snapping a picture of him in the setting sun. He scowled. “Put those princess lessons to good use! Work those legs!”

Giles only rolled his eyes. Y/N was beside him, hand in hand again, and smiling happily as she laughed. He didn’t want anything more in the world at that moment.

End Part 2

Original Characters © @cyikemen

Written by © @spyroeden

 Illustrated by © @lustfullyleocrawford